How to Fix This DCH Driver Package is Not Compatible Nvidia Error?

Updating GPU drivers in Windows 10 is a mostly hassle-free process. Still, sometimes some unexpected issues or bugs may appear during the update. One of such confusing errors is “This DCH Driver Package is not compatible…” When users try to install the latest Nvidia drivers, the installer says “Nvidia installer cannot continue” with the following message:

“This DCH driver package is not compatible with the currently installed version of Windows. This system is configured to require a Standard driver package.”

If that is the case with your system and you cannot update the Nvidia driver due to the “Nvidia installer cannot continue” error, here is what you need to do.

Fix this DCH Driver Package is not compatible error Nvidia driver

To fix the “This DCH Driver Package is not compatible” error, you need to understand Nvidia driver types. There are two types of drivers: Standard and DCH. Windows 10 automatically installs standard drivers using Windows Update. Also, manufacturers preinstall this type of driver “out of the box.” If you bought a gaming laptop with Windows 10 preinstalled, chances are that you are using standard drivers.

DCH drivers are more modern. They work with the latest Windows 10 version and do not support older releases.

In a nutshell, the “this DCH Driver Package is not compatible” error means you have the wrong type of driver. There is nothing wrong with your hardware, and no need to reinstall Windows. Here is how you fix the “this DCH Driver Package is not compatible” error.

First, check your driver type.

  1. On your desktop, press the right mouse button and select Nvidia Control Panel.
  2. Find and click the System Information link in the bottom-left corner. This DCH Driver Package is not compatible
  3. Nvidia Control Panel will open a new window with all the details about your current driver. This DCH Driver Package is not compatible nvidia
  4. Look for the Driver Type field in the Details section. Remember what driver type you have.

Now it is time to download a proper driver with correct type.

  1. Go to the official Nvidia drivers page and select your product. For example, MX250.
  2. Select your drive type in the Windows Driver Type field. That can be either DCH or Standard. This DCH Driver Package is not compatible nvidia error
  3. Press the Search button and select the driver you need.
  4. Download the installer and run it.
  5. Wait for the process to finish.

Done. By now, the problem should be solved and your computer running the latest driver from Nvidia.

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  1. Jessss, “How to Fix This DCH Driver Package is Not Compatible Nvidia Error?”
    How can i go to the control panel if i can’t install the drivers….. ?

  2. I got automatically installed 432.00 version of drivers but I want to install new ones 497.00 and i can’t because of this error. How stupid is that?

  3. I want to use the dch and i cant I have the latest updates on my windows 10 and its still doesn’t work
    NVidia standard version has problems with my laptop I cant open any game with it please help
    Laptop ideapad 700 has GEFORCE GTX 950 M

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