Fix: Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 10 Laptop

Many users using Bluetooth to transfer files, connect wireless mouse, keyboard or speakers. However, what to do if unexpectedly Bluetooth stopped working on your Windows 10 laptop? In this article, we’ll take a look at the basic ways to restore the Bluetooth adapter correct functioning when facing Bluetooth is

How to Install and Configure SNMP Service on Windows 10?

Simple Network Management Protocol or SNMP is used for monitoring, event notification, and device management on the corporate networks. The protocol consists of a set of network management standards, including the Application Layer protocol, database schemas, and a set of data objects. SNMP can receive various information (uptime, performance

Managing Office 365 Using Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell

The Office 365 platform includes a PowerShell module that allows you to manage Office 365 organization settings, configure users and licenses from the Command prompt. As with Exchange, there are several things that you can’t simply perform from the GUI in Office 365. To connect to Office 365 from

Fixing DNS Server Not Responding Error on Windows 10

Let’s discuss a quite frequent problem, when user could not access Internet on the Windows computer. The problem is related to the inaccessible DNS server. Suppose you have lost access to the Internet, a yellow triangle appears on the connection icon in the notification pane, and an error appears

Using PowerShell Commands for SharePoint Online Management Shell

Most SharePoint administration functions are performed through the graphical portal interface. However, if you frequently perform the same tasks, you can automate them using PowerShell. Administrators can use PowerShell to manage various tasks in SharePoint. Microsoft provides separate sets of cmdlets for managing on-premises SharePoint and SharePoint Online. The

Using Quest Active Directory Cmdlets for PowerShell

Almost 10 years ago Quest Software released a free set of cmdlets to simplify interaction with Active Directory. This set of cmdlets provides quite flexible options for administering Active Directory, managing AD objects, AD ACLs, password settings, and security. Up to version 1.5.1 Quest Active Directory cmdlets were provided

How to Create a GUI for PowerShell Scripts?

One of the significant drawbacks of PowerShell scripts when used by users (not sysadmins or programmers) is its command line interface. The result of the scripts is displayed in the CLI window and it is not always convenient for the end user. However, Powershell is a powerful and modern

Active Directory Organizational Unit (OU)

Organizational Unit (OU) is a container in Active Directory domain that can contain different objects from the same AD domain: other containers, groups, user and computer accounts. Active Directory OU is a simple administrative unit within a domain on which an administrator can link Group Policy objects and assign

How to Install and Import PowerShell Active Directory Module

Today we’ll show you how to install and use the Windows PowerShell Active Directory Module. You can use the cmdlets of this module to retrieve information and manage Active Directory. This module in the server OS is installed as a separate feature. On the desktop OS (Windows 10, 8.1,

Active Directory Groups Types

The Active Directory groups is a collection of Active Directory objects. The group can include users, computers, other groups and other AD objects. The administrator manages the group as a single object. In Windows there are 7 types of groups: two domain groups types with three scope in each