Managing Mailbox Size and Quota on Exchange Server 2016

One of the important tasks of an Exchange administrator is controlling mailbox sizes. It is very difficult to force users to voluntarily limit the size of their mailbox, so you have to use mail server quotas. Typically, mailbox quotas in Exchange Server are defined at the database level and

Manage and Disable Windows Defender Using PowerShell

Windows Defender first appeared as an anti-virus utility for Windows XP. Since Vista it was built into all Microsoft OS as a protection against viruses, worms, trojans and other type of malicious software. In Windows 8 it was merged with another antivirus product—Microsoft Security Essentials, and now it is

Moving Exchange Mailboxes to Another Database

Exchange administrator can move user mailboxes in the Active Directory forest from one database to another between Exchange servers, or between mailbox databases on the same server through the Exchange Admin Center web interface or PowerShell CLI. Consider how to migrate mailboxes between databases using Exchange Management PowerShell in

How to Configure DHCP Conflict Resolution?

An IP address conflict occurs between two devices on the same LAN if both are assigned the same IP address. Than a conflict occurs on both devices (if they are running Windows family OSs), an error message appears: Network Error Windows has detected an IP address conflict Another computer

How to Install phpMyAdmin on IIS in Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016?

PHPMyAdmin is a web-based open source tool written in PHP designed to help manage MySQL database through the Web browser. Because of this PhpMyAdmin facilitates the management and maintenance of the MySQL database. PhpMyAdmin provides an easy way to use graphic interface to write and execute queries, manage databases,

Configuring PST and OST File Size Limits in Outlook

The Outlook email client stores mailbox items on the user’s computer in special data format files—PST and OST. Each new email item that is saved into the Outlook data file increases its size. In some cases, when sending/receiving mail in Outlook, you may get an error: The Outlook data

How to Unblock Unsafe Attachments in Outlook?

By default, Outlook blocks access to potentially unsafe files in an attachment (these are executable files and script files such as .exe, .vbs, .bat, .msi, ps1, etc.). Frequently used Microsoft Office files (such as doc, xlsx, ppt), text documents and files with non-standard extensions are not blocked. When you

Viewing Office 365 User Account Details Using Get-MsolUser

In this article we’ll show you how to get a various information about Office 365 user accounts using the Get-MsolUser PowerShell cmdlet. The Get-MsolUser cmdlet allows you to view the properties of one or several Office 365 accounts, this is an analogue of the Get-ADUser cmdlet for on-premises Active

How to Get List of Installed Programs in Windows 10?

In this simple guide we will show you two different ways of how to get list of installed programs in Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7 using built-in command line tools. When it may be necessary? For example, the list of all installed programs can be useful when you

How to Install and Configure DNS Server on Windows Server 2016/2012 R2?

This article is a step by step tutorial on how to install and configure a DNS Server on Windows Server 2016 /2012 R2. Also we will show you how to create forward and reverse lookup zones. For a start, we’ll also take a look at what’s the DNS service