The IT Bros was originally started in 2010 by two brothers, Brian and Brett Jackson. Their About me profiles have been left as is below. Brian and Brett have moved on to other ventures and since then The IT Bros has been taken over by new ownership. We are excited to take over and are looking forward to growing the website and making it even more useful for our readers. We will be adding more and more categories, features and content so stay tuned for some exciting changes!

Brian JacksonBrian

Hi, my name is Brian Jackson. We decided to start this site because we got tired of searching for technical fixes and information and it taking more than 5 to 10 minutes to find what we were needing; or not finding a solution at all. When you are working, you want a solution fast. And so hopefully this blog helps you find a solution faster.

“We must take advantage of the internet and help promote useful content and information.”


Brett Jackson

Hello, my name is Brett Jackson. I have always been interested in learning about anything related to computers and other new technology. I also am in to gaming when I have time and enjoy playing with any new gadgets that hit the market. Like my brother, I enjoy sharing anything new that I have learned or tested with others on the web. This blog let others to know what we have learned.