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theitbros TheITBros.com team shares content on managing PCs, gadgets and computer hardware. We enjoy sharing anything new that we have learned or tested with others.

Right now our team consists of IT pros and tech bloggers from US and India. We are excited to take over and are looking forward to grow the website and share knowledge on Active Directory, PowerShell, Android, Windows, Office 365, Outlook, Group Policy and many other topics related to computers and new technology. We will be adding more and more categories, features and content so stay tuned for some exciting changes!

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Cyril Kardashevsky,

owner & editor

I enjoy technology and developing websites. Since 2012 I’m running a few own websites, and share useful content on gadgets, PC administration and website promotion. Feel free to contact me via Facebook.

Brian Jackson,

founder of TheITBros.com

When you are working, you want a solution fast. And so hopefully this blog helps you find a solution faster. You can contact me through


Taras Burya,


I am a tech enthusiast on my mission to help people make the most of their gadgets and spend money wise for devices that will serve for good. Contact me through Twitter.

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