How Does Microsoft Outlook Convert Time Zones for Meetings?

Does Outlook Adjust Time Zones?

A lot of people we have worked with get easily confused on this topic. If you are wondering how to schedule a meeting in Outlook with different time zones when you setup a meeting request in your calendar, just follow the example below to understand how it works. Should apply to Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013.

Step 1: Schedule a meeting in Outlook with different time zones

First you go to your calendar and setup a meeting.

does outlook adjust for time zones

Step 2

Click on the Time Zone button at the top.

how to schedule a meeting in Outlook with different time zones

Step 3

After you selected the Time Zone button it made the two drop down boxes appear with the time zones you prefer. What you want to do is schedule it for the time zone that you are having the meeting for. For example, I am on Arizona time but am wanting to schedule a meeting for 9am with a client in New York. I want their meeting to start at 9am their time. So I select Eastern Time from the drop down.

does outlook automatically adjust time zones

Step 4

When you send off the meeting request, it will automatically convert the time to your timezone. So a 9am meeting in New York will show up as 6am in my calendar (Arizona) because there is a three hour time difference.

does outlook adjust for time zones meetings

Hopefully after reading that it clears up any confusion you might have. You can also read Microsoft’s article “How Outlook handles time zones for meeting requests“, but we always like picture better!

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