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Wrike Makes Managing Your Projects Easier

Almost every day we share some different data and information with our friends, colleagues, business partners, etc. by using accounts in different social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others). Social networks interfaces are great, they are user-friendly and easy to manage.

But imagine if you could manage your tasks/projects in the same easy way like when you manage your social account on Facebook or Twitter, or other social networks? Using intuitive and comfortable interface such as on a collaborative project management software?

In this article we will share information on Wrike — an extremely useful and user-friendly software for project management that has a really simple, ‘easy to use’ feel, and has lots of great features: online discussions, critical path scheduling, Gantt chart online, time tracking, an Android project management app — all of which make managing teams and projects much easier. real-time timeline for task’s progress etc.

Wrike: Smart, Fast & Easy

Wrike is extremely powerful but one of the more easy to use tools for project management around. It allows users to create and manage collaborative tasks just by inviting new users in via email – members of your team, your partners or clients etc. (Wrike will see the task immediately and it gets into it superfast).

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All conversations with collaborators happen within the task, very conveniently, and since this is task management online, it gives you an opportunity to effectively communicate with your team via task comments (saving time on face-to-face communication every day). Wrike helps you make decisions and manage your projects and tasks using just your browser or a mobile app. Wrike has a pretty good email integration, which makes it easy to turn an email into a task.

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Working in groups

Every created task is shared only with the appropriate people. With the help of Wrike, you can share and manage product launch plans with different departments, integrate it with your sales team, keep an eye on sales leads and other useful things. Wrike provides you with full control over your work: you can group tasks by team, product, department, process; you can build hierarchies and put tasks in several groups in case of need etc.

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All users can make changes and monitor their own progress. Another important feature is that all the updates or changes are happening in real-time and users are automatically informed about them.

Easy to use

Another awesome feature is the tool’s simple interface. We are sure that anyone who used social network’s accounts like Facebook or Twitter will surely understsand Wrike in a very short time. Once you start using it, the vibrant interface makes it a really addictive online project management app.

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One more comfortable option is that it is pretty easy to integrate Wrike with your Android or iOS devices – the tool has 2 handy mobile apps for both of the most widely used operating systems. It can save your time and nerves by sending an important notification on your smartphone (for example, notifications from Wrike that task was rescheduled etc.).

Apps integration

It’s important to mention that Wrike can be integrated with a huge number of well-known applications like Adobe Creative Cloud, WordPress, MS Excel etc. and that gives great opportunities for team members with different professions to collaborate and make project managing easier.

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Wrike: conclusion

Wrike has a really simple and ‘easy to use’ feel, tool is a good help for projects, task management, or progress tracking. Wrike helps you to manage projects and share it with your team, makes collaboration stronger and faster.
In case you are managing small projects (up to 5 users) – you can use a free version. In case your team is a big one, you have 3 different pricing options to choose:

  1. Professional – $9.88/mo. (up to 15 users);
  2. Business – $24.80/mo. (up to 200 users);
  3. Wrike for marketers – $34.60/mo. (unlimited users).

It’s absolutely clear that Wrike is a pretty choice, and It’s definitely flexible enough to fit different projects helping to keep up them on the go.

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