World’s Most Expensive Computers

With technology advancing at an ever increasing rate, computers which a few years ago very at the very pinnacle in terms of capabilities are now the standard setup for many people, and will soon become obsolete. This means that PCs don’t stay expensive for too long, with new advances and improved manufacturing techniques always bringing the prices down.

That being said, however, there are always a few setups which stand out and, either for cosmetic reasons, or due to their state-of-the-art features (or a little bit of both), command really high asking prices.

Reasonable or not, you decide, though we suspect most people would pay to own the best looking and most powerful computer available on the market – if they could afford it! Here is a list of some of the most expensive PCs ever created:

1. Decadent Display: $800,000


Even if you opt for the very latest equipment featuring cutting edge, space-age technologies, it’s really hard to break into the six figures when it comes to computers. The people over at 9X Media, however, have found another way, and that is by putting together an incredible setup featuring as many as 64 HD displays!

This stunning PC is certain to offer the most amazing entertainment or gaming experience possible, but it comes at a seriously hefty price – a whopping $800,000, according to the company’s website.

2. Tulip E-Go: $355,000


This beautiful device looks to be more of a work a art than one of the best laptops. It comes with a 12.1” WXGA wide screen display and a front loading CD/DVD player, as well as a burner which can be used without booting your own PC. The Tulip E-Go isn’t made from your average materials, either.

Fashioned from high quality, solid palladium white gold plates, it is encrusted with brilliant cut diamonds, and also features no fewer than six different fabrics. Of course all this bling comes at a very steep price. Anyone who wants to own such a laptop would have to dig really deep into their pockets to meet the $355,000 asking price.

3. Truvia EPC: $55,000


Dubbed the ‘Amish Computer’ (presumably for its frugal, vintage look), Truvia EPC features a wonderful, hand-crafted PC enclosure. On the other hand, it is available for $55,000, which is not exactly modest!

4. Apple G5: $25,000


The Apple G5 boasts 16GB of SDRAM (a $10,000 investment when the computer appeared a few years ago), an NVIDIA Quadro FX4500 graphics card ($2,000), and a terabyte of disk space ($1,000). The best desktop computer built by Apple before the launch of the Mac Pro, it had an anodized aluminum chassis and was every bit as elegant as anything made by the Cupertino company.

5. Voodoo OMEN: $24,000


The Voodoo OMEN is an excellent PC featuring 2 terabytes of disk space, 4GB of RAM, and an AMD FX-60 Dual Core processor. Users can see every detail of its interior thanks to the clear case, which also has a chromed mirror running through the center and acting as a divider.

This divider separates the airflow between the CPU and hard drives, a great example of form and function working together to get the most out of a piece of technology. The price tag for this very impressive unit reads $24,000.

6. Mach V: $17,000


The Mach V is not only a great looking piece of equipment, but also its high-end technical specs. It comes with an eye-catching aluminum chassis and offers a great deal of customization options, which is one of its main strong points.

The computer boasts a system which can be over-clocked from 3.2GHz to 3.8GHz while only using air cooling. Its great looks and widely recognized capabilities command an asking price of $17,000.

7. Alienware: $15,000


For years now, Alienware has been synonymous with the highest quality equipment a gamer could ask for. Thanks to its four nVIDIA GPUs with Scalable Link Interface (SLI), this computer is the ideal choice for gamers who can afford to pay for a PC as much as for a decent car. The $15,000 price also gets you a quad display (valued at about $5,000) for extra large fragging.

8. Dell + Alienware: $10,000


The first computer announced by Dell after their acquisition of Alienware, this fantastic system was the best a gamer could hope for when it came out a few years ago. It is the first PC to include no fewer than four NVIDIA graphics cards in SLI, providing a mind-blowing visual experience to gamers with 3D Full HD widescreen monitors.

Dell’s collector’s edition PC is worth $10,000, which might be enough to scare away those who weren’t already put off by the over-the-top case – nevertheless hardcore gamers certainly appreciate the system’s capabilities.

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