WinPE 3.1 Scripts

WinPE 3.1 Scripts

This latest version was compiled on September 27th, 2012. This is the third update to our WinPE scripts. Please read our tutorial on DISM for using the files below to compile a functioning WinPE 3.1 environment. And also I would recommend reading our tutorial on Making a Bootable Flash Stick as that will save you time over a CD.

WinPE 3.1 Scripts

Added new Windows 7 winpe.bmp wallpaper for WinPE 3.1 Boot Environment.
Added new drivers for WinPE 3.1 environment including some netbooks and HP eCopy machines.
Added the newest stable version of GimageX.
Removed GHOST from packages.
Added WinPE 3.1 from the WAIK supplement for SP1

WinPE3.1 Contents_x86 [Pre-Compiled with GImageX App]

WinPE3.1 Contents x86

Drivers for WinPE 3.1

I have had a couple people ask for me to post the drivers that I have integrated into our WinPE 3.1 discs. A list and download link are below, enjoy!

Includes the following drivers:
d600_nic, d600_vga, d610_vga, e4200_nic, e4300_nic, e5400_nic,
e5500_nic, e6400_nic, e6500_nic
gx110_nic, gx110_vga, gx150_nic, gx150_vga, gx240_nic, gx240_vga, gx260_nic, gx260_vga, gx270_nic, gx270_vga, gx280_nic, gx280_vga, gx620_nic, gx620_vga, gx745_nic, gx745_vga, gx755_nic, gx755_vga, gx960_nic, gx960_vga, HPD530SFF_vga, HPD530SFF_nic
–Virtual Environment–

Download Mirrors

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