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How to increase range and quality of your WiFi router signal with Windows 10 WiFi Monitor app

In your home when you install a router you don’t think about this, because it’s kind of invisible thing. Radio waves of your router going through your home. But the thing is that your neighbor’s router waves are also come into your home. People being pretty close together and a lot of WiFi signals interfere together, so people complain that their computers isn’t going fast or WiFi doesn’t connect or you have pretty much disconnects regularly. If you don’t know what to do this article will help you to fix such a common problem.

wifi monitor app download

This is a great tool for anyone that has WiFi problems or just any tech guys who want to improve the WiFi quality. WiFi Monitor — is a cool free-trial app. You can actually install it, use it and never pay for it if you want.

First thing you’ll see in the app is a dashboard. The dashboard gives you a strength of a signal in decibels per meter. This is the strength of your radio signal.

wifi monitor app dashboard

You want to be in a green zone and of course as you go around and get further away from your router, it’s normal that you’ll get down in a yellow zone, or even in the red zone. It gives you idea about quality of the connection. In the right side you can see a lot of information about frequency, encryption, authentication, IP address, Gateway address and so on.

The second one is a graph. The graph is very nice, because it tells you basically of your type of signal, how well it’s defined compare to other signals. So, for example we are the little green line here.

wifi monitor app signal strength

And it shows me that my signal is pretty much open compare to a lot of other signals and you don’t want to be in a mish mash of signals like at the bottom here. You want to have as wide signal as possible.

You also have a list, which gives you all the information about your neighbor’s routers. Signals there and their strength give you an idea about the strongest WiFi zone.

wifi monitor app list

In our case the first one zone at the top is actually stronger than our own zone here on the second. That’s probably because we actually closer to the neighbor’s router than we are to our own router. So, it gives you an idea which signal is better.

What’s also very cool – you have a rating. The rating gives you a recommended channel. In our case app tells us that we should use channel #2, because it’s the clearest channel around. So, that’s also very nice information there.

wifi monitor app rating

It’s very useful, because then what you need to do is just going to your router. You have this information in the app dashboard. Just enter your Gateway address ( in most cases) in your browser and you’ll see an entry page. And basically, we never let our router on automatic, because an automatic channel on a router never really works well.

wifi monitor app online

We always choose our own channel. And using an app like this really helps you in defining what channel you should use. Full version of this app will give you more features. You’ll have speed, so you can do some speed tests, you have more information about WiFi routers, including your neighbor’s routers.

Basically it’s one of the cool apps that everybody should have if they start having WiFi problems or you know if you just intrigued and you want to know a little more about your WiFi connection. If you have any comments, questions, problems, suggestions you may request that in the comment section below.

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