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Whether you can’t host because of your current network configuration, or you would like a bot running 24/7 then renting a Wc3 bot is something to look at. They are cheap and very reliable. I thought I would list a couple of places that have Wc3 bots. In my search a couple months ago I had a hard time trying to find good ones…

Wc3 Bots

#1 – GhostPanel

Web Address: ghostpanel.net
Details: West Coast servers, Ghost++, choice of renting CD Keys. They also offer a free trial. Just shoot them an email at support@ghostpanel.net and they’ll set you up with an account. If you don’t know much about Ghost++ commands and are new to Bot hosting then this is the one I would try first. Their GUI interface is very polished and you almost don’t need to know anything to get fully setup. I personally recommend this one.

#2 – Living-Bots

Web Address: living-bots.net
Details: Good price, a lot of people use this one. However, you do have to know a little more to be able to run this one. Such as the Ghost++ commands. But still very reliable and fast.

#3 – SteelServers

Web Address: steelservers.net (Update – No Longer Available)
Details: I personally haven’t tried this one, they are just getting their new website put up. But from forums’ chatter they seem pretty good.

Hopefully that list should you get you started. To read more about Ghost++ and Wc3 Hosting bots, check out codelain.com.

If you’re looking for web site hosting instead, check out our web hosting guides.

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