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How to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile

Hello guys! In this article we will show you how to quickly upgrade your existing Windows 8.1 device to Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft offers you to install Upgrade Advisor app, which will eventually make your phone for the upgrade and also will check if your phone can be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile.

So, install Upgrade Advisor app and make sure your phone is connected to the network via Wi-Fi. After that, launch this app and you will see a welcome screen, where you can check for upgrades.

windows 10 upgrade advisor

Click on Next and it will find out if the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade is available for your phone.

Now you can see that upgrade is available, so check the box where it says Enable Windows 10 Upgrade and click on Next.

upgrade available

It will start the usual process. In the following window you will see that your phone is ready to upgrade.

After that you have to go to Settings and look for Phone Update. It’s already checking for update, so wait for it.

phone update settings

Once it is done, it will start the download process. It can be stuck on 0% for about 5-10 minutes, but don’t worry.

In about 30 minutes you will be able to install your update by clicking on the appropriate button. But we recommend you to do backup before it.

That’s pretty much it. Now your phone is upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile.

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