Upgrade firmware on Cisco-Linksys Router

This is a short tutorial on upgrading the firmware on your Cisco-Linksys router. Instructions will work for the following models:
– E4200
– E3000
– E2000
– E2100L
– E1000
– AE1000

Upgrading the firmware on your Cisco-Linksys router

Step 1

Download the drivers for your router.

cisco-linksys downloads

Step 2

Select your model, click on the downloads tab, and click on “Download” under the newest firmware date.

cisco-linksys firmware update

Step 3

Now you need to browse to your router in your address bar. By default the IP of your router is

cisco-linksys default IP

Step 4

The default admin username is “admin” and the default admin password is “admin”.

Step 5

Now click on “Administration” and then “Firmware Upgrade.” You are going to hit browse, locate your downloaded firmware file, and click “start to upgrade.” Your router will reboot and viola, you have the latest firmware.

cisco-linksys - Firmware Upgrade

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