Top 5 Most Common Computer Problems And How To Fix Them

On a daily basis millions of people who use either a PC or laptop are bombarded with various problems and while some of them are really simple to solve, some are so annoying and persistent that they can drive you crazy. Well, if you’re one of those who is sick and tired of having windows popping up on your screen without you do anything or if your computer keeps randomly restarting, then “we have a case” as a lawyer would say. Because of that, below we’re going to take a close look at the top 5 most common computer problems and how to easily solve them. Let’s get right at it!

1. My machine performs very poorly

Having a slow computer is certainly a very good reason to be frustrated and angry, but the good news is that there are simple fixes you can consider before you start replacing parts that don’t need replacement in the first place. While there are various reasons for a slow computer, most of the times it’s due to lack of maintenance. Unnecessary programs running in the background, spyware, corrupted registry entries and fragmented data are some of the main causes of a slow computer.

In order to fix your slow computer, begin by removing unnecessary files and programs and then initiate a full defragmentation. You should also run a spyware and virus scan and choose the option to automatically remove spyware and viruses as they’re found, depending on the tool/tools you’re using.

2. My homepage changed and my computer is bombarded with adware

Many of us are unaware that when we install certain games or software programs, we also agree to install toolbars that we don’t need and that is how our homepage is overwritten. Not only that, but at the same time you may also get bombarded by annoying pop-up messages advertising you certain products you’re not even remotely interested in. So how can you fix this?

First of all, it’s best that you always read the terms and conditions of whatever you choose to install on your machine. But if you already installed these programs and they now spam your computer with dozens of ads, you should try to delete and reinstall your browser. This is in fact the easiest and simplest way of getting rid of these annoying toolbars. However, just make sure that you also backup your browser’s bookmarks, website log-in information and also your passwords.

There is a chance this may not work, so if that’s the case, then remove them from Control Panel, Add\Remove Programs and perform a spyware and virus scan. This should fix your problem guaranteed.

3. My data is gone and I have no backup

Most people overlook the importance of backing up their data until they lose everything one day, including their favorite movies, music, personal files, photographs and so forth. While some people may think their data is gone forever, there is still hope, especially if it was stored on a traditional hard drive. One thing to keep in mind though is that once you lose data from a certain partition for instance, it’s not recommended that you write on it again. In fact, don’t use the HDD at all.

So how can you recover your data? Well, take your hard drive to one of your friends, and have them scan it with a data recovery program and then recover the data and copy it unto another hard drive. If that doesn’t work, you should look into professional data recovery services, but these can get pretty expensive. Because of that, you should use them only if you have vital data to recover.

4. My computer keeps freezing on me

This issue is a lot more serious than a slow computer and most of the times it’s caused by spyware or viruses infecting your machine. In general you can get any of the two or both by visiting shady websites, having no antivirus software installed and also lacking active spyware protection. However, the issue may also be caused by hardware incompatibility, such as the RAM memory you probably installed just a few days ago.

Therefore, if you think the problem is hardware related, then it’s best you remove the part you’ve recently installed and then restart your computer to see if it freezes again. If it doesn’t, then it was due to the most recent hardware changes you made. On the other hand, if it’s software related, perform virus and spyware scans and if this doesn’t fix the problem, use Windows Restore to roll back to an earlier restore point.

5. I can’t get online

Now if you’re an avid internet surfer, then this issue has probably gotten you feeling really angry and no one blames you for feeling this way. This is even truer for those who work online and need to be able to use the internet between certain hours or else they may lose money.

For one thing, internet connection problems can be caused by many factors with the most common ones being firewalls that block online traffic, incorrect connection of network cables, incorrect IP address configuration, latency from your ISP, software or hardware errors in the router and finally, network misconfigurations.

However, if you notice that your Wi-Fi connection is disabled, then you need to check if your computer or laptop’s Wi-Fi is on or if the cable is properly connected. If you see a yellow exclamation mark in the taskbar, then that’s a sign you need to reboot the router. Most of the times this fixes the problem, but if it doesn’t, then go to Start, type cmd and then hit enter. You’ll see a black box popping up where you should type ipconfig / release. Press enter and then type ipconfig / renew. If this doesn’t solve your connectivity issues, then it’s time to give your ISP a call.

Computer problems can be as simple as having your homepage changed to a new one or as annoying and frustrating as having to dismantle your entire computer\laptop, clean the fans, the CPU, troubleshoot the RAM memory and even back up your data. Whatever the case, these tips should help you fix them so you can either get back to work or get back to watching YouTube videos again!

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