Top 10 Twitter Tips and Tricks

If you’ve been using Twitter for some time, you’re probably familiar with many of its capabilities.

But with so many features, options, and tools, chances are you’re still far from being able to make the most out of the hugely popular platform.

10 Twitter Tips and Tricks

To help you with that, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks for a rewarding Twitter experience:

Customize your profile

Your profile should tell everything interesting there is to know about you, so try to make the most out of what Twitter offers.

Set an interesting profile picture and say something clever about yourself using all the 160 characters the platform allows you to.

If you’re feeling really creative and want to truly personalize your page, you could try to make your very own background image as well.

Use third-party tools

There are hundreds of great third-party tools you can use to improve your Twitter experience (most of which are free!). TwitPic, for example, allows you to post pictures on your tweets, while Manageflitter allows you to manage your followers and informs you who is not following you back, who is a quiet user and who is inactive.

Create useful and interesting content

On Twitter, perhaps more than other social networks, the content you put out is crucial to your success on the platform.

It almost goes without saying that you’ll have to create useful, clever, or otherwise remarkable tweets – and you’ll have to do it frequently enough that people don’t forget you’re there.

Also, tweet during prominent events (about those events, of course) or contribute to important discussions, and remember to add the appropriate hashtags.

Use Twitter search

Twitter’s search tool is a lot more useful than you might think. If you enter your website’s URL, you can see if other users are mentioning the page. If you search for certain keywords you’re interested in, you’re likely to find people you’d like to follow.

To search for tweets without links, simply add “?-filter:links” at the end of your search query. Another useful thing you should know is that you can search for tweets near you adding near:”city state” to your keywords.

Typing “near:”Miami Florida” sharks” will bring up tweets which have been sent from Miami, Florida which also contain the keyword “sharks”.

Learn how to engage with followers

It’s important you interact with your followers: respond to tweets, take part in conversations, retweet interesting posts.

Also, try to resist the urge to follow everybody you find marginally interesting. It looks a bit weird when you’re following thousands of people yet you only have a handful of followers yourself.

This is particularly important immediately after you join Twitter, when following hundreds of people in a short time span can have you marked as a bot.

Use the mobile app

Basically all smartphones, whether they’re running iOS, Andoid, BlackBerry, or Windows, have Twitter applications. Make sure to use them! Note that, if you don’t have a smartphone, Twitter offers support for SMS, allowing you to send tweets through text messages.

Learn the “language”

In order to be a successful member of the Twitter community, you’ll have to know its “language”. You should know what “RT” means, what a “follower” is, or what are hashtags and how they are used.

Follow the most interesting people

As in all other fields, you should follow the luminaries to get a sense of what the platform has to offer and how you can excel in the medium. Here is a short list of people we recommend you follow:








@theitbros (us, of course)

Create and use lists

Twitter offers the possibility of creating lists, which can be of great help when trying to filter through the large amounts of content thrown at you every day.

To make a list, simply click the Lists button and then hit Create a list. After doing this, go to the page you want to add and click the list icon, and then keeping doing it to populate the list with all the interesting people you want to follow.

Let people know you’re on Twitter

You can’t have people following you on social media if they don’t know you’re there, so this piece of advice is very simple: tell as many people as possible about your Twitter page.

Write your Twitter handle on your business card, in your email signature, on your blog, and on other social networks, like Facebook.

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