The SIM card is missing or invalid Error Message

We were receiving a SIM Card error on our Verizon Wireless HTC 8X WP8 device. It would randomly happen a couple times a day.

SIM error. The SIM card is missing or invalid error

“SIM error. The SIM card is missing or invalid. You can still make emergency calls if your mobile operator supports it.”


Follow the solutions below to fix it. This could apply to other brands of phones as well.

Solution #1

It most likely is a hardware issue. Go to Verizon Wireless store (or your current provider) and have them switch you out with a new SIM card.

Solution #2

For us, there was actually nothing wrong with the SIM card itself. It was the design of how it was seated in the phone.

1.) Pop out your SIM tray.
2.) Take your SIM card out of the tray.
3.) Place 2-4 pieces of clear tape (Scotch brand or similar) on the back of the SIM card.
4.) Cut the excess tape from around the edges of the SIM card, and put the card back in the tray.
5.) Then put the SIM tray back in the phone. (Pushed in very firmly. Not sure I’ll be able to get it back out.)

Thanks to _yankees_ for posting the solution above. (HTC 8X SIM Card Error)

Solution #2 worked for us. This seems to be a defect in manufacturing on the HTC 8X.

If you have any other solutions please post them below. Thanks!

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