The Negatives with Xbox Music, Spotify, and Rdio Music Subscriptions

With all of the music subscriptions out there it is hard to choose between them. Honestly the best thing to do is try each for a month and see which one fits you best. If you are a heavy mobile user, the app available will probably be very important in your decision. Below are a list of the current negatives with each service that you might want to be aware of before purchasing or maybe you had a question about.

Xbox Music – Spotify – Rdio

Almost everything below will most likely be fixed at some point in time. To be honest, the old Zune software was much better in my opinion than the new Xbox music service. But hopefully Microsoft will bring back some of the features they forgot to implement.


Xbox Music

  • Syncing is horrible (you can download from the metro music app on your desktop and it syncs the cloud collection to your phone, however it doesn’t physically download the song, you have to right click the song on your phone and say download… if you don’t, watch your data plan go out the window.)
  • Downloading new music is a pain (you have go bounce into metro, search for your song, the press music from the selection, and then download the song/album you want)
  • Metro music is linked to system sound. (so much for trying to turn down just the metro music app) Don’t try playing a game and turning down your music, can’t do it
  • Mini version of metro app only lets you see currently playing, there is no list of songs or albums to choose from
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  • You have to use playlists
  • You can’t repeat a song, the only way is to put song in its only playlist and repeat the playlist
  • Can’t see artwork by artist, only by album
  • Web player doesn’t work in IE10 (still in Beta)
  • Streaming blue-booth via phone to car does not automatically start playing like Xbox Music



  • Doesn’t have as good of a library as Spotify/Xbox music, especially for Dubstep and Indie music
  • No offline playback apps on the road-map
  • No desktop application, only via web
  • No sync all, you have to individually select the albums one at a time that you want to sync
  • Streaming blue-booth via phone to car does not automatically start playing like Xbox Music


I have tried all the services above on my WP8 phone and have gone back to the Xbox Music service primarily because of automatic playback over bluetooth in my car. When I leave my car, the music app realizes bluetooth is disconnected and so the music app suspends… when I get back in my car bluetooth automatically reconnects and the music app kicks in and my music starts playing again right where it left off. The biggest downside right now for Xbox Music is the syncing.

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Please re-tweet and share this post! The more these problems are seen, the sooner they will be fixed. If you know of more negatives, please post below and we will add them!

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