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How to configure, view and change IIS Log location on Windows Server 2016

Web server IIS 10.0 (Internet Information Services) on Windows Server 2016, as in previous versions, supports storing of HTTP requests and error logs for the sites running on it. IIS log files allow you to simplify the debugging, troubleshooting and optimizing your web sites and applications. You can configure

How to Recreate Virtual Directories OWA and ECP on Exchange 2016

This article describes how to recreate virtual directories OWA and ECP on Exchange 2016. The rebuilding of these virtual directories helps to reset all settings, recreate them from the scratch and can solve many Exchange problems related to the incorrect operation of OWA or ECP: various page errors, blank

How to Delete IIS Log Files on Windows Server 2012

IIS (Internet Information Services) Web Server on Windows Server generates a sufficiently large amount of log files during its work. The main problem is that by default IIS log files located on the system drive, which usually has a small size. Insufficient space on the system drive may eventually

Building IIS Web Farm with Load Balancing using Nginx

This article describes how to create a web farm with load balancing on Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.0 and higher. Load balancing between Web servers in the farm will be implemented not by the standard extension for IIS — Application Request Routing (ARR), but using an open source HTTP/reverse

How to set CPU Usage limit for Application Pool on IIS 8

The important function of web server is the ability to limit the CPU usage for a specific site, otherwise one website can use all the CPU resources, that may be unacceptable especially for shared hosting environment. In IIS  7.0 (Internet Information Services) and earlier you could use CPU monitoring

How to Setup FTP Server in Windows 10

Nowadays the FTP technology is awesome and we decided to show how to setup and access an FTP server in Windows 10 in a simple way. How to create FTP server in Windows 10? At first let’s create an FTP folder. This folder will be accessed by our FTP

How to Install phpMyAdmin on IIS in Windows 8/Server 2012

PHPMyAdmin is a web-based open source tool written in PHP designed to help manage MySQL database through the Web browser. Because of this PhpMyAdmin facilitates the management and maintenance of the MySQL database. PhpMyAdmin provides an easy way to use graphic interface to write and execute queries, manage users

How to Install and Configure IIS Web Server with PHP support on Windows 8/Server 2012

This guide will show you how to deploy your own IIS Web server, and enable it to run PHP on Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012. Thereafter this platform can help you run most of modern CMS, written in this popular (but not the best) web development language. How