Speed Up Your Linksys WMP600N Card

A lot of people have been having trouble with the Linksys WMP600N wireless adapter. I finally managed to pull the full speed out of my card. I am pulling the same down as I was when I was connected directly to my router. I am pulling 3MB/s down :).

Full speed out of Linksys WMP600N card

Here is my setup that I will use in the example. I have a Motorola SB6120 cable modem with the Cisco-Linksys E2000 router (Firmware Version: 1.0.04). The instructions below will vary slightly based upon the router you have.

Step 1

I am running Windows 7 x64 and used the drivers off of the Linksys website to install my Linksys WMP600n adapter. (Windows 7 x64 Driver – 04/30/2012 / Ver.3.2.7)

Step 2

I enabled “Multimedia/Gaming Environment” on my wireless adapter. Do this by going into the network configuration properties, and into the advanced tab.

Multimedia/Gaming Environment

Step 3

I switched my router’s Wireless Band over to 5GHz. I changed my Network Mode over to Wireless-N only. And I changed my Channel Width over to 40MHz only. (Please realize, by switching over to Wireless-N only you might not be able to connect with some devices. I happen to be running everything not hooked up directly to my router via Wireless-N. My laptop and both computers have wireless-n and I have my xbox, boxee, TV, etc. all hooked up directly to my router.)

Wireless Settings

Step 4

Forward the port on your router for any application you are needing the bandwidth for. On the Cisco-Linksys router this can be done under the “Applications & Gaming” tab. I also recommend hard coding your IP address. If you follow all of the steps above, you should start pulling the maximum speed out of your Wireless-N adapter.

Another note, Wireless-N on the 5GHz range operates a little differently than A/B/G. Example, I am getting less bars than I was when operating in 2.4GHz mode, however, the connection is more stable and I pull the full speeds.

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