Sims 3 Error Code 12

While playing Sims 3, some people have reported getting a very annoying Sims 3 Error Code 12 warning. This happens while trying to save the game and you don’t have enough memory for the save file, something which leads to the issue at hand.

Error Code 12 in Sims 3

To help you get around this, we’ve prepared a quick guide on what to do when you get the error, so read on if you’ve had this sort of trouble with the game. We’re sure you’ll find the information below helpful!

What happens when you get it

There are a number of things which start to go wrong when you get this error. For one thing, character or game textures may begin to load incorrectly.

Various aspects of the game can start taking a really long time to complete. You can lose previously saved games or even the ability to save the game entirely until restarting the game.

Even more seriously, the game could stop working altogether, as can your computer; you could be prevented from logging into the game and could even have your previously saved game files corrupted.

Now of course, except for the very last issue (the corruption of saved game files), the others can be relatively easily solved by restarting the game or the computer – so there’s no cause for too much stress. Nevertheless, this problem can get a bit annoying, so it’s good to know something which will fix it for good.

While there already has been a patch which solves the error, it can still occur if you’re playing The Sims 3 Showtime. So here is how to get around Sims 3 Error Code 12 once and for all.

What to do to avoid it

As you might have guesses, there is one very simple and straightforward way of avoiding Sims 3 Error Code 12 from happening while you’re playing the game: make sure there’s always enough free space on your disk, particularly the one where Sims 3 stores all the saved games.

Another piece of advice you should follow is this: try to save the game during the night – while all the sims are sleeping. Also, remember to save your data every time prior to embarking on an adventure.

It’s also a good idea to close all non-essential programs which might be running in the background. That’s because all of these programs eat up some of your system’s RAM.

Even though you may think it’s an insignificant amount, everything adds up, and could eventually interfere with your gameplay. These programs include music players and internet browsers.

Yes, we know it’s boring to play the game without your music in the background and without checking the internet every couple of minutes, but it’s something you’ll just have to do to make the most of your gaming experience.

Which brings us to another issue – you should probably minimize the number of times you, umm, minimize the game (by pressing the Windows key or activating the Task Manager), since this can also have on effect on how well the computer deals with the game processing.

How to Fix

Since this is an error which occurs due to a lack of sufficient memory to save the game, which makes it impossible to reload the game without restarting it altogether.

A quick way to potentially get around this would be to delete some older saved games – this should allow you to save the game without a hitch.

Another thing you could try is to switch game mode to active families, and then try to save it. Finally, if you get the error after attempting to save, simply try the same thing by following the Save As route, which could work just fine.

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