How to Share Outlook Calendar?

One of the convenient feature of Microsoft Outlook 2016 is the ability to share Outlook calendar with other users within your group or people outside it.

In order to use this feature, your email account must be located on the Exchange server or in Office 365.

  1. To grant access to your calendar to the users of group, select your calendar and click the Share calendar button;
    share outlook calendar
  2. In the To field, enter the name or email address of the users that you want to allow access to your calendar;
  3. In the Details, select the access level to your calendar:
    Full detail – includes the availability and full details of calendar items;
    Limited Details – includes the availability and subjects of calendar items only;
    Availability only – time will be shown as Free, Busy, Tentative, Working Elsewhere, Out Of Office;
  4. You can edit the subject of the invitation;
  5. If you have multiple calendars, select the calendar that you want to share (this example shares the Microsoft Exchange calendar);
    shared outlook 2016 calendar
  6. Everything is ready. Click on Send button.

Each recipient will receive a sharing invitation, in which will be asked to add your calendar. Recently we also covered on how to recall an email in Outlook.

outlook 2016 shared calendar

Users outside your group will receive a URL address that can be used to access your calendar. In case you and the user that you have granted access are both in groups that are connected using Office 365 or Exchange federation, the invitation will contain the option to grant access to your calendar in response.

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Your calendar will then be displayed in the Shared Calendars section.

use shared outlook 2016 calendar

You can publish your calendar on the Internet, making it available to everyone. In this case, the calendar is published on the WebDAV server, from which it should be available to other users. To publish a calendar on the Internet, click the Publish Online button, specify the URL of the WebDAV server, specify the time interval for the calendar to be published, the type of access and the calendar update settings on the server (automatically, or only once).

outlook team calendar

If you want to share Outlook calendar and grant access to your calendar to all users, click the Calendar Permissions button and for Default item, select the desired access level (by default, only access to Free/Busy time information is allowed). The “Default” group corresponds to everyone. You can change the access level by selecting the permission level in the drop-down list.

share outlook team calendar

On the same tab you can manage access to your calendar. Here you can add a new user, or change the user permission level (for example, you can allow a certain user to create, edit or delete calendar items).

To connect a shared calendar in Outlook 2016, right-click the calendar and select Add Calendar > From Address Book. In the list of users, find the one who provided access to your calendar and select it. The new calendar will appear in the list.

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share outlook team calendar

In Exchange 2007 SP1 and older, you can create a shared mailbox that can be used as a shared enterprise (department) calendar.

New-Mailbox -alias SalaryDept -name "Salary Depatrtment " -database "MBXDB1" -org Users -shared

Then on the calendar of the created mailbox you can grant access to a certain user (full access):

Add-MailboxPermission 'Salary Depatrtment' -User:"sarad" -AccessRights:FullAccess


Add-MailboxPermission SalaryDept -User:"johnk" -AccessRights:ReadPermission

Also, you can grant access directly to the calendar:

Add-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity SalaryDept:Calendar -User johnk -AccessRights Owner

To change the permissions on a calendar to a user who has already been granted permissions to the calendar, you must use the Set-MailboxFolderPermission cmdlet:

Set-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity SalaryDept:Calendar  -User johnk -AccessRights Reviewer
Cyril Kardashevsky


  1. Hi

    Is it possible to add group or distribution list to the permissions management of my calendar ?

    For moment i can just add person per person

    1. Hey, Giulian! You can grant calendar permissions only to the Security groups (not Distribution). Follow the steps below:
      1) Create a new Universal (!!!) security group
      2) Enable this group as “email enabled security group”
      3) Now you can assign permissions for the person’s calendar to the group using PowerShell:
      add-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity SalaryMailbox:\Calendar -User YourGroupName -AccessRights Owner

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