Setting up KMPlayer with CoreAVC Codec

KMPlayer with CoreAVC

This will show you how to setup KMPlayer with the CoreAVC codec pack for amazing high quality H.264 video playback.

Step 1

Download/Purchase and install the CoreAVC codec pack. It only costs $12.95 and is worth every penny if you watch a lot of movies on your computer. Also, if you need a link to the KMPlayer installer, please see my post on KMPlayer – Remove all the borders.

Step 2

After installing CoreAVC, you need to setup KMPlayer to use it. Launch KMPlayer.


Step 3

Press F2 to launch preferences. And click into “External Video Decoder.”

KMPlayer - External Video Decoder

Step 4

Click “External Decoder Search.”

External Decoder Search

Step 5

Click “Add after Scan.”

Codec - Add after Scan

Step 6

Check the box next to “CoreAVC Video Decoder” and “H.264/AVC1”. Then hit OK.

CoreAVC Video Decoder

Step 7

Select “CoreAVC Video Decoder” from the drop down next to H.264 and AVC1. Click Close and restart the program. Your finished! Enjoy amazing video playback.

CoreAVC Video Decoder

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