Setting up KMPlayer with CoreAVC Codec

KMPlayer with CoreAVC

This will show you how to setup KMPlayer with the CoreAVC codec pack for amazing high quality H.264 video playback.

Step 1

Download/Purchase and install the CoreAVC codec pack. It only costs $12.95 and is worth every penny if you watch a lot of movies on your computer. Also, if you need a link to the KMPlayer installer, please see my post on KMPlayer – Remove all the borders.

Step 2

After installing CoreAVC, you need to setup KMPlayer to use it. Launch KMPlayer.


Step 3

Press F2 to launch preferences. And click into “External Video Decoder.”

KMPlayer - External Video Decoder

Step 4

Click “External Decoder Search.”

External Decoder Search

Step 5

Click “Add after Scan.”

Codec - Add after Scan

Step 6

Check the box next to “CoreAVC Video Decoder” and “H.264/AVC1”. Then hit OK.

CoreAVC Video Decoder

Step 7

Select “CoreAVC Video Decoder” from the drop down next to H.264 and AVC1. Click Close and restart the program. Your finished! Enjoy amazing video playback.

CoreAVC Video Decoder

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  • Deus

    Thanks for this… just discovered the CoreAVC codec pack. Also, you might be interested in Daum PotPlayer, which is another player by the creators of KMPlayer and and actually updated often. Not to mention it is supperior to KMPlayer in every single way, except for subtitles… worth checking out.

    • Ya I have tried the Daum PotPlayer and really didn’t like the interface; even though it is pretty much the core from KMPlayer. But maybe I will give it another try.. that was a couple months ago. Do they have a classic KMplayer skin? I will try hooking Daum PotPlayer up with CoreAVC and see how it goes…

      • Deus

        PotPlayer does actually have the classic KMPlayer skin (the one when you first install KMPlayer?), and a lot of the interfect and menus are very similar if not the same. PotPlayer seems to be better overall, on performance, in the details, etc…. the only problem I’m having with it is that sometimes the subtitles display at a different size and outline/shadow on different movie files…

        • Gegger

          I agree with your comments on Coreavc and KM player if you get a setup for pot player let us know. I had an asus at3ion board i rebuilt for my daughter, added cooling and it plays 1080p and x.264 perfect thanks for the info

  • soner

    İ do not switch to Pot because it does not contain the text to speech feature allowing a blind user to watch movies with subtitles being read by a synthesiser which is available in km player. Pot may be update more often, yet up to now, there has not been a media file which i was unable to play with KM Player.

  • Kevin

    thank you so much, for giving this detailed tutorial… helped a lot. and now i gotta check out that other player to see, if its really better.

  • Kunjan Chelleng

    when ever i click on “add after scan” the km player hangs and shut down…….please help……..