SCCM Error 0x87D00324: Failed to Install Package

When deploying applications on client computers using System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), you may receive an error:

Unable to make changes to your software

There was a problem applying changes to the software. You can try again. Or, if the problem continues. The information that is shown in the following section can assist your helpdesk in troubleshooting.

Click ok to return to Software Center

The software change returned error code 0x87D00324 (-2016410844)


At the same time, the program is installed correctly on the computer, but an installation error (Status: Failed) is displayed in the Software Center, requiring the attention of the SCCM administrator.

In order to convert the error code into a human-readable form, you need to use the Error Lookup Tool from Microsoft.


Download the tool, open the command prompt, go to the directory with the exe file, and run the command:

Err_6.4.5.exe 0x87D00324

The utility should return an error description:

The application was not detected after installation completed

SCCM considers that the program is not found after installation. To troubleshoot SCCM installation errors, you should examine the AppEnforce.log trace file on the client device.


Executing Command line: “C:\Windows\ccmcache\8\setup.exe” /adminfile silent.msp with user context

Working directory C:\Windows\ccmcache\8
Post install behavior is BasedOnExitCode
Waiting for process 2128 to finish.  Timeout = 120 minutes.
Process 2128 terminated with exitcode: 0

Exit code 0 indicates that the application was installed correctly.

You can understand the error scenario according to this log:

  • SCCM starts installing the MSI package and it completes without error;
  • Post-install process tries to detect the installed MSI package;
  • SCCM agent fails to detect the installed package and marks the deployment as a failure with error 0x87D00324.

This issue is related to the detection method you used. Open the package properties in SCCM and check the discovery rule on the Discovery Method tab:

  • If you are using MSI app validation via Windows Installer, make sure you have specified the correct application GUID;
  • If you are using the File System check instead of Windows Installer, check if you have set the correct path to the file. For example, when installing MS Office applications, you need to check for the presence of a file in the %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft\Office\Office16 and %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft\Office\Office16 folder. Just create two detection rules for these paths.

sccm 0x87d00324

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