Samsung Series 9 Wireless Issues

I just received the new Samsung Series 9 laptop/ultrabook at work and am completely in love with it. The first issue though that I noticed was that the wireless was cutting in and out, or behaving very slowly. To fix this simply follow the steps below.

Samsung Series 9 Wireless Problems

The issue is by default the power saving mode is either turning off/preventing the wireless adapter from connecting.

Step 1

Go to your start menu and search “edit power plan.” It should give you a result of “edit power plan” at the top of the start menu to click on.


Step 2

Then click on “Change Advanced Power Settings.”


Step 3

Under Power Saver mode, go down to the Wireless Adapter and change on battery to Maximum performance. (you could try ones in between too. Myself, a laptop without internet is useless, so I want it to be as fast as possible)


Your wireless should now work again! Also, you could try going to device manager and un-checking the option for power management to disable the device. Hope that helps!

Also I recommend downloading the newest drivers from Intel here:

Also make sure you don’t have a proxy server enabled under Internet Options > Connections > Lan Settings


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