How to Reset TeamViewer ID?

After installing TeamViewer and its first connection to the network, the program receives a unique identification number (ID). It allows remote users to perform a remote connection to your computer, and vice versa. If you are using a free version of TeamViewer to connect to different computers (for commercial purposes), there is a high probability that your remote connections via the TeamViewer will be limited to a value not exceeding five minutes, after which the connection will be terminated.

If the TeamViewer online service decides you are using the tool for commercial purposes to connect to multiple customer computers, a warning window may appear:

Your trial period has expired

reset teamviewer id

The commercial use message in TeamViewer v14 looks as follows:

Commercial use detected

This software seems to be used in commercial environments. Please note that the free version may only be used for personal use.

Your session will be terminated after 5 minutes.

change teamviewer id

In TeamViewer version 15, the message about the restriction on using your copy of TeamViewer has changed:


We are sorry for the interruption.

Your connection has been blocked because of very high activity level.

We appreciated your interest, but our software must be licensed for professional work. Please follow the button to purchase a license to continue.

teamviewer reset id

The trial version TeamViewer expiration message usually appears after a couple of days when using the utility.

In this case, you can try to reinstall the TeamViewer, but that won’t help you. The only way to remove the restriction is to reset TeamViewer ID (or purchase a license).

You can see your TeamViewer ID on the main screen when running the application.

teamviewer change id

TeamViewer Versions: Trial Expiration Problem

There are two TeamViewer versions:

  • Free version (non-commercial use) — designed for home use and connecting to a small number of remote devices;
  • Paid (commercial) version — the number of connected devices and the duration of the sessions are unlimited.

If you use TeamViewer for personal use only, here’s how to fix the TeamViewer trial expired problem.

Make sure that you and the users you connect are using the free version of TeamViewer. If one user uses a free one and the second uses a commercial one, then the commercial version will consider the use of TeamViewer for commercial purposes.

If the commercial version of TeamViewer is installed, you need to remove it, clear the registry and folders from the remaining entries and files. Then install the free version of TeamViewer.

  1. Go to Add or remove programs, find TeamViewer in the list, and select Uninstall;how to change teamviewer id
  2. After removing the program, press Win+R > %Appdata% > OK. Remove the folder TeamViewer;
  3. Then delete the directory C:\Program Files\TeamViewer;
    teamviewer id reset tool
  4. In a safe way remove the TeamViewer folder %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local;
  5. Remove the following registry key using the Registry Editor (regedit.exe): Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TeamViewer, Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\TeamViewer, and HKLM\SOFTWARE\TeamViewerreset teamviewer
  6. Reboot your computer;
  7. Download and install the TeamViewer free edition (press “Free Download: Free For Private, Non-commercial Use” on TW site);
    how to reset teamviewer id

If this does not work, move on. There is another more difficult way to extend the TeamViewer usage by resetting the TeamViewer ID.

TeamViewer ID is generated based on several unique attributes of your device:

  • MAC address of the network card;
  • VolumeID of disk partition;
  • Creation date of the Program Files folder.

Accordingly, to change the TeamViewer ID, you need to change these 3 values.


Reset or Change TeamViewer ID in Windows

To reset the TeamViewer ID on Windows 10, you need to perform a few steps.

First of all, kill the TeamViewer.exe process and stop the Team Viewer service (net stop Teamviewer). Then you need to remove the current TeamViewer ID from the registry.

  • In Windows x86, TeamViewer version [X], open regedit.exe, go to the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\TeamViewer\, and delete DWORD value ClientID;
  • In Windows x64, delete value ClientID from HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\TeamViewer;
    teamviewer reset
  • Check if the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TeamViewer exists and delete it.
    teamviewer id reset

Open the PowerShell console with administrator permissions and check the creation date of the “C:\Program Files” folder:

Get-Item "C:\Program Files" | select Name,CreationTime

change id teamviewer

To change the creation date of the Program Files folder, you can use the NirCMD tool ( Download it and run the following command in the elevated Command prompt console:

nircmdc.exe setfilefoldertime "C:\Program Files" now now

reset id teamviewer

Check if the CreationTime value of the directory has changed.


teamviewer id changer

To change the MAC (physical) address of the network card, you can use special tools, or use the following instructions for manually editing the MAC address through the registry.

To get the current MAC address of your network card, open command prompt, and run the following command:

Ipconfig /all

teamviewer reset tool

We are interested in two parameters:

  • Description (LAN card description) — Intel(R) 82574L Gigabit Network Connection;
  • Physical Address (MAC address) — 00-0C-29-9D-4D-81

Hint. Also, you can list your NICs with MAC addresses using a simple PowerShell one-liner:

Get-WmiObject win32_networkadapterconfiguration | select description, macaddress

teamviewer reset trial

Then, open the Registry Editor and go to the key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}.

Each network component in this registry key is indicated by four digits starting from 0000, 0001, and so on. You can find the right key by browsing it, and looking for DriverDesc option, where the description (name) of your NIC must be specified (for example, Intel(R) 82574L Gigabit Network Connection).


Once the correct network card is found, you need to add or modify REG_SZ parameter named NetworkAddress. It defines the MAC (hardware) address of the network card. It is enough to change a single digit in the current MAC address—for example, 000C299D4D80.

teamviewer trial reset

Hint. If you have multiple physical network adapters on your host (NIC Ethernet adapters, or WNIC WI-FI adapters), you need to change the MAC addresses for all of them.

So, the MAC address of the network card is changed. Now you need to change the VolumeID of the system partition. VolumeID (or Volume Serial Number) is a unique identifier of a volume on a hard drive, which is set during formatting.

Note. In some cases, TeamViewer is linked to a non-system volume of the disk, or even to the removable media volume, so it is likely that we need to change VolumeID of other partitions.

To change VolumeID, use the console utility VolumeID v2.1. Download and extract archive

Check the current VolumeID by opening a command prompt with Administrator privileges, and execute the command:


how to reset teamviewer

Volume Serial Number is 5E37-ECE1.

Change the current value to new value 5E37-EC11:

Cd c:\users\root\Downloads\VolumeID

Volumeid.exe c: 5E37-EC11

reset teamviewer free license

OnceVolumeId utility updated the volume serial number of your system partition, close the Command Prompt window, and reboot your computer.

After rebooting, run the app, and you will be assigned a new TeamViewer ID.

How to Reset TeamViewer ID on Linux?

In case you are using TeamViewer on one of the Linux distributions, you can follow the instructions below to reset the TeamViewer ID. The method is tested on Debian 9, and with some modifications, you can use it on any Linux distribution.

  1. Uninstall Teamviewer with su privileges;
  2. Remove the file /var/lib/dbus/machine-id if it’s exist;
  3. Edit the GUID (you can just replace the last character):
    mc -e id.txt
  4. Change the MAC address of the network card:
    ifconfig eth0 down 
    ifconfig eth0 hw ether New_MAC_HERE 
    ifconfig eth0 up 
    nano /etc/network/interfaces
  5. Correct string:
    pre-up ifconfig eth0 hw ether New_MAC_HERE

    teamviewer generate new id

  6. Reboot OS;
  7. Install Teamviewer, it should get a new ClientID.

In the Linux Mint distro, you can reset TeamViewer ID as follows:

  1. Delete TeamViewer:
    sudo dpkg -r teamviewer
  2. Remove the binding file (if exists):
    sudo rm /var/lib/dbus/machine-id
  3. Change the NIC’s MAC address;
  4. Install the TeamViewer package again:
    sudo dpkg -i teamviewer_13.2.13582_amd64.deb
  5. If an error with the missing packages occurs, run the command:
    sudo apt-get install -f

To change the ClientID on a cloned Linux machine it’s enough to:

  1. Stop the TeamViewer daemon:
    systemctl stop teamviewerd
  2. Delete TeamViewer settings:
    rm -r ~/.teamviewer
  3. Remove folder /opt/teamviewer{TW_VERSION_Here)/config;
  4. Start the TeamViewer daemon.

How to Change TeamViewer ID on Mac OS?

To change the TeamViewer ClientID on the Mac OS, you can use the python script from GitHub. Follow these steps:

  1. Download script from Git Hub;
  2. Close the TeamViewer (make sure the TeamViewer process has completely disappeared from the processes list);
  3. Run the script:
    sudo ./
  4. Reboot the device.

This script works correctly for TeamViewer 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.

If reinstalling and resetting TeamViewer ClientID did not help you, and you are sure you’re using TeamViewer for personal use only, you can create a ticket request to unlock your device using the online form ( Click Connect with TeamViewer, log in with your TeamViewer credentials to start the reactivation process.

Fill the form, specify a specific TeamViewer ID from your device, and send a request.

teamviewer new id

After a while (3-5 days), TeamViewer support will answer your request: your device will be unlocked or your “commercial use” label will remain for your ID. If you use TeamViewer for commercial purposes, buy a license, or try another free remote product to manage your users and customers.

Additional Hints to Reset the TeamViewer ID

In TeamViewer 15, the developers are significantly changing the way the TW ID is generated. If tips above didn’t work as expected, try one of the following:

  • Install the old version of TeamViewer (11, 12, or 13), reset it according to the article, and try to update the TeamViewer version;
  • You can create a virtual machine to use Team Viewer. Take a snapshot and install TeamViewer. If your TW ID is locked, simply revert your virtual machine to the previous snapshot and install TeamViewer from scratch.
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  1. Great tutorial.
    Attention for the exclusions of the “Temp” folders and Appdata, along with the use of the SIDCHG tool.

    Worked here. Windows 10 Pro, TV 11.

  2. For me, it worked with just the registry key. I wanted to change the ID since an employee resigned from my office, and had all the IDs of the TeamViewer installations we had. With different IDs there is almost no possibility the person can reconnect with those stations again. Changed the remote passwords as well!

  3. I think this the first I have ever seen a potential solution for doing a Mac TeamViewer reset of the ID. Thank you for that. (I had not heard of that script for Mac. Thanks for the link.)

    1. I try to reset clien id under mac os 10.12.6
      I using teamviewer 12.0.92876
      What i made.
      1. open console login and password
      3. open dir where file placed
      and have an error
      bash-3.2$ sudo
      sudo: command not found
      how to solve this error?
      Thank you

      1. Close TeamViewer (make sure the process has completely disappeared)

        Put script file in the root directory of your Home folder (Click Go, Home is easy way to get to Home folder, of course)

        Open Terminal

        Run the script by typing the following exactly: sudo ./

        Hit Return

        Reboot the computer

        Good luck. (It worked for me)

  4. With VolumeID utility, I can change “C:\Program Files (x86)” folder, not “C:\Program Files”. I dont know why.
    The problem is that I can modify everything else, but not the creation date of “c: \ Program Files”.
    It worked the first time (1 month ago). But now with this problem the team viewer ID does not change.

  5. I did all of the obove on w10 pro x64 but I have the same ID.
    I tried 4 times with TeamV installed and not installed.

  6. I called them several times asking for a discount subscription or something because the dollar exchange ratio in my country is ridiculous and they never agreed to it so thank you so so much for this.

  7. Hello,
    I have question for MAC OSX (sorry, never done ay programming…)
    1) download the script, do you mean “download zip” (bow at the top right of the script?
    2) where should I save the file? Is Download file correct?
    3)When you say close team viewer, do you mean uninstall it or just close?
    4) When you say “run the script: what does this mean? To write this script/sentence in Terminal?
    5) I have read that the “sudo” command can be dangerous if not used by someone who knows what he is doing precisely). Is that true?
    6) Does this work only for TV 11 and 12? Not 13?
    Thank you very much!!

  8. Pierre:

    Close TeamViewer (make sure the process has completely disappeared) (you do not need to uninstall TeamViewer…just make sure it is fully quit)

    You can download the .zip file anywhere you want, including the Downloads File. Once it is unzipped:

    Put script file in the root directory of your Home folder (Click Go, Click Home is the easy way to get to Home folder, of course)

    Open Terminal

    Run the script by typing inside the Terminal Window the following exactly:

    sudo ./

    Hit Return on your keyboard (it is safe to run sudo commands if you get confirmation that the specific command like the one above is safe and that it does work, like it works for me)

    Reboot the computer
    After the reboot, you should have a new TeamViewer ID number when you open up TeamViewer.
    I cannot confirm that it works with ever version of TeamViewer 13 for Mac, but I did get it to work with at least one version of TeamViewer 13 a while ago.

    Good luck.

  9. try follow it works for me on Ubuntu 18.04 actual Teamveiwer:
    – If u connected with ur WLAN goto Network Manager an open the settings for WLAN. Enter a new MAC Adress in the MAC Clone/Duplicate field.
    – Teamviewer check ur MAC adress for the LAN Card, too. But when u r not connected with LAN the MAC clone field not works while the LAN is inactive. So u must change the MAC adress like this one in terminal:
    ip link set dev enp3s0f2 address XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX ->enp…. is ur LAN adapter in Ubuntu u can check this with “ip link show” in Terminal. With this command u can check the change of the MAC everytime to have control.
    – When the MAC is changed on Both Network Adapter enter follow in Terminal:
    service teamviewerd stop
    service teamviewerd start
    – Now u can start Teamviewer and get a new ID!
    After restart computer i start a bash script with sudo in Terminal before i start Teamviewer, like this:
    #! /bin/bash
    ip link set dev enp3s0f2 address XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
    service teamviewerd stop
    service teamviewerd start
    – u must not delete anything only do the steps and after u can start teamviewer to get new ID!

    1. and when u like – u can run the script as cron job in ubuntu when ubuntu starts like this:
      boot als root:
      @reboot /path/to/
      use sudo crontab -eu root to edit root’s crontab and add ur scrpit with above!

    1. This is not clear… u can use ur TV account, but when u have too many contacts in the list, u get the same problem again with the comercial using warning! So than u can create a new ID again :-)

      Other solution i found is to use chrome browser and add the teamviewer add on from webapp store. Here u get a new ID and u can connect with the account login direct from browser….

  10. Hello, do all the steps and I successfully changed the ID, it allows me to work again without restrictions .. The problem is that after a few days it tells me again that the use is restricted to five minutes and again I must perform all the steps again and so … There will be some way that the changes are definitive or there is some additional step to make this bypassing … Working with Windows 10

  11. Changing the MAC address on Centos 7 is straightforward yet while it will indeed yield a new client id, this is not sufficient as TV likely fingerprints other features as the warning on commercial use was even stricter that the earlier 5 minute warning as it became minutes of connection time.

  12. “Edit the GUID (you can just replace the last character): mc -e id.txt;”

    Sorry, can’t find id.txt
    I’m on Linux – can I use gparted instead?
    Shouldn’t I boot a live Linux to change the GUID? And will I have to edit the GUID in the fstab too?

  13. It worked great on Windows 7 x64 with Teamviewer 13. Thanks! As a good measure, beforehand I deleted all Teamviewer folders from AppData and ProgramData.

  14. Messing with these system-related characteristics is very likely to mess up quite a few other programs that make use of one or more of these, e.g. Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo, resulting in their software licenses becoming invalidated which makes them stop working!
    If you really want to work on more PCs without coughing up the steep fee for the commercial TeamViewer license… use something else instead – like VNC.

  15. Do you know the software ‘ID Reset’ ?
    It seem to do all in one click. But, I test it in the site VirusTotal and 15/67 sait virus. Is it real virus or fake ?

  16. I have an old licence given exclusive to me by a client company which no longer exists. I have used the same licence until now but I’m shifting to a new computer and need to transfer the licence. Since there is no administrator of the account I have no direct way (by calling teamvr support) to do it. I was wondering if I can make my new macbook show up like the old one to teamvwr servers and gain the same ID to have the licensed privileges like the old macbook. For a test, I tried copying MAC addresses (of both -wifi and lan) of one Win7 PC to an older mac which never used teamvr. I fully closed Teamviewer on the PC and took it offline, but the machine ID I got (on old macbook) upon teamvr installation wasn’t the same as Win7 PC. Any ideas why this failed?


  17. I had Teamviewer v12 when passing v14. He tells me again what commercial version, what can I do to TeamViewer but they ignore it, I’ve never used it as a commercial. Any ideas?

  18. Tried multiple times and it doesnt work. I have succesfully reset my teamviewer ID before using this method about half a year ago. It worked and it was easy. Not so much now. It’s very likely they added more fingerprint features that we dont know yet. Lets just give it up, there are more alternatives on the web now-a-day.

  19. Teamviewer has changed methods again.
    There are new digital hidden fingerprints.
    Perhaps it is better to start using another program.

    1. Install a old version (I had a old setup from Tewamviewer 11 in my download folder) to get a new ID, then you can update to the newest Version.

  20. For me a MAC address change was enough, but first of all, you have to identify if you have to renew the ID on source (your machine), destination or both. You can check if you will actually getting new ID with TeamViewerQS, so you can play with the options and quickly verify the result. If you are getting pissed off with no success at the end, you might consider switching to CloudBerry Remote Assistance as I did.

  21. This simply doesn’t seem to work anymore on windows 10. I tried with older version re-install, but still got the same user ID. Anyone have success with this recently?

    1. The nircmdc.exe does not have the authority to change the date on Program Files even run as admin.
      You need to download PowerRun which will give you trusted Installer Power then open the CMD and run nircmdc in that window.

  22. I have 2 windows 10 pcs where TV works fine (although it didn’t always). The problem now is that I can’t access either of these for more than 5 minutes from my 2 android devices, because of “commercial use detected” . There is no commercial use but the service agent told me via chat box that connections over mobile networks are considered commercial.

    Any suggestions how to reset id or reinstall on android without this restriction?

  23. If you do tech support for a lot of people then what you can do is run TeamViewer in a virtual machine. In my case Win7 in Oracle’s VirtualBox. That does the trick for me and if it throws a flag on that I just delete the vm, reinstall from a saved vm and get a new macid.

  24. Thank you SO much for this. I use TeamViewer for personal use. I play fair. Yet the app does not, and they ignore requests to sort it. It’s free, I guess I can’t complain too much but it’s been so stressful as I use it to support family and access my own devices.

    With this I’m BACK IN BUSINESS!

    Tip: if the registry entry doesn’t exist for the MAC address just create it and all is good

    Thanks again.

  25. Reset New TeamViewer ID number (Windows 10):
    I uninstalled TeamViewer,
    Delete the TeamViewer folder in Users/…/AppData/Local/
    Download TeamViewer installation file.
    Delete LAN and WLAN(wifi) devices and drivers.
    Installed TeamViewer on SD card.
    Connected to internet with Samsung phone’s USB tethering and then a new ID appeared in TeamViewer.
    New ID stayed the same after re-installing LAN and WLAN drivers.
    Control Panel > Device Manager > click button “Scan for new hardware changes” , drivers will be automatically installed, then connect to your usual WiFi network.

    1. It worked at first because I got a new ID. but after reboot, and reopening temviewer app, it got the old ID again…

      1. I tried again but now I changed lan mac and disabled it. changed program files date, and c drive volume id. rebooted, installed teamview with my phone internet, an old id was given to me, already blacklisted. then I rebooted again with the internet of the phone, and now they give me a new id. then turned on my lan and the id was keeped. so this worked… for now.

  26. Thank you very much. I applied this process on a Macbook Air and it worked.

    When I ran the script I opened the console and typed sudo added the path where I saved the script and then the name of the script.

  27. The script still working for TeamViewer ver 15.8.3 on MacOS High Sierra (10.13.6). Thank you very much for this great article.

  28. Worked for me on Windows 10 OS on March 16, 2020, TeamViewer version 15.15.15.

    Make sure to change the volume id of all the drivers (C:, D:, E:, etc.) and change the MAC of the NIC (ethernet adapater) and WNIC (WI-FI adapter).

    Find below the commands I used, ran in an administrator console. NOTE: Make sure the utilities (nircmd.exe and Volumeid.exe) are in the path where these commands are executed on and change 0001 and 0002 text by your NIC and WNIC’s one.

    taskkill /f /im TeamViewer.exe
    net stop Teamviewer

    REG DELETE HKLMSOFTWAREWOW6432NodeTeamViewer /v ClientID /f
    REG DELETE HKCUSoftwareTeamViewer /f

    nircmd.exe setfilefoldertime “C:Program Files” now now
    nircmd.exe setfilefoldertime “C:Program Files (x86)” now now

    REG ADD HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlClass{4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}001 /t REG_SZ /v NetworkAddress /d EC8EB5753640 /f
    REG ADD HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlClass{4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}002 /t REG_SZ /v NetworkAddress /d 503EAA360210 /f

    Volumeid.exe c: C66C-EB38
    Volumeid.exe d: 4EA3-DBB6
    Volumeid.exe e: C29E-060B

  29. Looks like things have changed yet again.

    Maybe something else added to this list:

    – MAC address of the network card;
    – VolumeID of disk partition;
    – Creation date of the Program Files folder.

    Sorting all of these seems to no longer work.

    If TV had a more reasonable rate Per month for casual users then I would cough up, but €35+ per month for occasional monthly use is not worth it. Started using ANYDESK instead.

  30. I recently used this on the latest TeamViewer version and it worked:

    Unfortunately, the github only has an executable file and no source code, so it is difficult (or impossible) to see exactly what it is doing. It may be doing something nefarious or it may be perfectly fine. All I can say is that it worked for me.

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