How to Reset or Change Password in Microsoft 365 (Office 365)?

In this article, we’ll look at how to change or reset a user’s password in Microsoft 365 (ex. Office 365).

If you want to change your password in Microsoft 365:

  1. Sign in to under your work or school credentials;
  2. Select Settings > Change your password;
    office 365 change password
  3. Enter the old password and the new one (twice). Click Submit. reset password office 365
  4. That’s it. Your password has been successfully changed.

If a user has forgotten their current password, they can reset it by themselves during sign-in to any Microsoft 365 service (for example, Outlook, or Teams web client).

outlook 365 change password


You will be redirected to

Enter your email again and enter the captcha.

If the Self service password reset option is not enabled in your Azure tenant and the user has not configured Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), a message will appear:

We’re sorry

You can’t reset your own password because password reset isn’t properly set up for your organization.

You must contact your administrator to both reset your password and to check your organization’s setup.

SSPR_0011: Your organization hasn’t set up a password reset policy.

change password outlook 365

In this case, only a Microsoft 365 administrator can reset the user’s password.

For the convenience of business users, Azure administrator can enable the self-service password reset option in Azure.

To do this, go to Azure Portal.

Here you can allow using the Self service password reset portal for all users or for specific groups only (Selected).

microsoft 365 change password

Now users from the specified group must configure MFA on the next sign-in. An Azure administrator can specify the authentication methods that users can use to reset their passwords. Methods enabled by default:

  • Email;
  • Mobile Phone (SMS only).

o365 change password


Hint. With Azure AD Connect and the Password Writeback option enabled, your users can reset or change their password in on-premises Active Directory through Azure/M365.

When using the Self Service Reset Portal, you should select the method to be used for verification.

In our case, we have the Microsoft Authenticator app configured on a smartphone and we can enter the verification code here. After checking the verification code, you will be prompted to change your password.

password reset microsoft office 365

Note. By default, Azure administrators are required to use MFA and you can always reset your password by yourself using one of the configured authentication methods.

A user’s password can be reset by a Microsoft 365 administrator:

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 Admin Center;
  2. Expand Users > Active Users;
  3. Find the user in the list and click on the key icon; password reset microsoft 365
  4. A window with options will appear:
    – Automatically create a password;
    – Require this user to change their password when they first sign in;
    – Email the sign-in info for me.
  5. Select the options you need and click the Reset Password; change microsoft 365 password
  6. Azure will generate a new password for the user, which you must provide for the first login:

You’ve successfully reset the password for this user. ‎‎

change password microsoft 365

If you don’t want the user’s password to be automatically generated, untip the Automatically create a password option. In this case, you can manually set the user’s new password.


o365 reset password

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