HP Procurve Factory Reset

This is a short guide on resetting the HP Procurve 1700/1800 switches back to factory default settings. This will also reset the switch back to the default IP of

You can reset the HP Procurve switch configuration only if you have a physical access to the device. In case you reset the configuration, you will completely clear all changes to the switch settings that has been made by the user. This will reset the Ethernet port settings, VLAN, Spanning Tree etc. After that, you have to configure the switch from the beginning.

How to Perform HP Procurve Switch Reset?

On the newer models of HP Procurve (Aruba) switches (2610, 2650, 2900), the above method of resetting configuration to the default settings doesn’t work, you need to perform that in a different way. On the front panel of new switches there are two small buttons which we’ll use: Reset and Clear.

hp 1800-24g reset

  1. Turn on the power of the switch and wait until the Self Test passes (all indicators go out, only Power and Fan Status will remain green);
  2. On the front panel of the device, simultaneously hold down Reset + Clear buttons with a thin object (the easiest way is a conventional paper clip);
  3. Release the Reset button after about 2 seconds (when the check indicators light up);
  4. Continue to hold the Clear button until the Self-Test LED lights;
  5. As soon as the Self-Test indicator starts flashing, immediately (this is important) release the Clear button;
  6. Your HP switch configuration is now reset. You can connect to the switch using telnet. Type setup to start the initial setup procedure.

In case methods mentioned above didn’t help, reset the HP ProCurve switch configuration, you can reset it using the local console port using CLI. In order to connect, you’ll need a special console cable (the cable is usually included in the device package). It looks like this (the Cisco console cable is also suitable):

hp 1820 factory reset

Using this cable, connect to the Console port on the switch (looks similar to Ethernet port). If your computer/laptop does not have a COM port, use a separate USB to Serial adapter.

Start the PuTTy terminal, select Serial as the connection type, now go to Connection–> Serial section and specify the following connection settings:

  • Serial line – COM1
  • Speed (baud) – 38400
  • Data bits – 8
  • Stop bits – 1
  • Parity – None
  • Flow control – None

hp 1820 reset

Connect to switch and enter the following command:

erase startup-config

Confirm that the current configuration is cleared by pressing y:

Configuration will be deleted and device rebooted, continue [y/n]?

After executing this command, you switch reboot and replace the current startup and running config with the factory-default settings.

How to Reset an Older HP Procurve Switch Models?

Step 1

Power off your HP procurve 1700/1800 switch by pulling the power adapter plug from the back of the unit.

Step 2: Create Loop on the Switch

Plug one end of the ethernet cable into port one on the switch and the other end of the ethernet cable into port two on the switch. This will create a loop on the switch. (This is following the HP manual’s procedure for resetting the procurve switch.)

Step 3

Power the switch back on and let it fully boot up. This will take around 30 seconds. Once you see the lights stop blinking you will know that it has fully recycled.


Step 4

Power the switch back off, unplug the ethernet cable and then power the switch back on. The switch should now be fully reset and back to the factory default settings and IP of:

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