How to Recall Email in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook allows you to recall email (unread messages) that have been sent inside your Exchange organization. If you accidentally sent an email to a colleague, you can try to return or replace it before it is read. Follow these instructions to recall an email in Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016.

In order to recall a message in Outlook, several conditions must be fulfilled:

  1. Your mailbox should reside on Microsoft Exchange Server;
  2. The recipient must be in the same Exchange organization and use Outlook too;
  3. The email should not be moved by the recipient from the Inbox folder or read by him (including using the Preview function).

Recall Email in Outlook That Was Sent Accidentally

After sending, any of your emails is saved in the Sent folder (Sent items). Expand the contents of this folder by selecting it in the left pane of Outlook.

Now open the email that you have sent by mistake and you want to recall.

recall email outlook

Go to the Messages tab and in the Actions section click on More Actions button and select Recall This Messages item from drop-down menu.

recall message outlook

Choose the answer that best suits your needs:

  • Delete unread copies of this message;
  • Delete unread copies and replace with a new message.
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If you select the second option, the original message will be open and you will be prompted to edit it and send it again. Next, one of two scenarios is executed:

  1. If the letter is not read, it is deleted from the recipient’s box, and a new one (revised version appears) in its place;
  2. If the first letter can’t be deleted (it has already been read by the recipient), then the second message will be located next to the first.

If you want to receive a report in which it should be indicated (if it was possible to recall your message or not) check the option Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for recipient.

recall this message outlook

To check whether the sent message is revoked in Outlook, you can display the tracking information. Open the sent message and select: Message -> Show -> Tracking.

If Recall option is missing in your Outlook interface, you can modify Quick Access Items by clicking Customize Quick Access -> More commands… -> Quick Access Toolbar. Here you can find and return to the pane Recall option (or you can simply press Reset button).

Tip. In case you are using Outlook in browser via Outlook Web App, you won’t be able to recall the email you’ve sent, because this function is not possible due to another type of application. A message sent via Outlook Web App cannot be recalled or edited.

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