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Reason Antivirus—review 2019

Every computer owner knows they require an antivirus solution. Even now that Windows Defender is being lauded as a solution worth recognition, a backup antivirus program is important. Speaking of Windows, the antivirus program we are about to review below only works on Windows Computers.

Costs and Compatibility

Reason premium costs $59.99 per year but the company occasionally reduces the price to $44.95 or $24.95 or $29.99. The promotions are frequent and it’s very unlikely you’ll be charged the advertised $59.99 price.

As previously mentioned, the antivirus is built for protecting Windows computers. If you own a Mac or any Apple product, you’re not covered. The antivirus also doesn’t protect mobile devices. That said; you need a computer with Windows 10, 8.8., 8.1 or Windows 7 to access the antivirus.

Also, ensure your PC has 256MBs of RAM or more and 0.5GB in storage space. Reason Premium offers a 14-day trial period after which you’re limited to free services unless you upgrade to a paid account.

What’s covered?

Reason solution offers a decent variety of unique features and multiple expected services. The camera protection feature blocks remote access of your camera by your hackers. No one can use it to spy on you both when using and not using your web camera.

Microphone protection offers a valuable service by protecting your voice chats with friends against being recorded by anyone. Most antiviruses aren’t good at detecting malicious code that targets voice messages, so Reason stands out in that aspect.

Still on protection against unwarranted tracking, Reason protects you against ransomware, unauthorized tracking by advertisers and most malware types. Like most antimalware programs, Reasons protects you against threats in real time, both online and offline.

There are more trackers on the Reason user interface. It’s unlikely that you’ll need all the tracking features offered but they’re worth checking out. The Internet of Things scanning feature is uniquely helpful though. If you want to know how many IoT devices are linked on your PC, you can find out with a single search.

Performance versus Competitors

Reason is less popular than Bitdefender, AVG, Kaspersky, Comodo and Webroot Secure Anywhere. But when it comes to performance, the security solution proves an antivirus doesn’t have to be popular to be good.

When compared against brand name antimalware programs for offering protection against ransomware, Reason performs at par with them. There are minor differences, find out more in this Reason antivirus review, but the security solution is able to detect ransomware threats pretty well.

Reason antivirus is a bit slow in clearing threats in real-time but it has a high detection rate. It’s worth noting that most antivirus solutions have their strengths and flaws, which is why it’s important to have more than one solution running on your PC.

Installation and User Interface

As mentioned earlier on, Reason is a lightweight antivirus. The program’s OS, RAM, and disk space requirements are minor compared to some antimalware programs out there. Installation is also quick and launching the program takes less than a minute.

Once logged in, Reason Security resembles most antiviruses. Menu categories are lined up at the top section. A huge, button-like icon is located at the center while the left panel consists of information relating to detection, licenses and the kind of protection on your device.

Click ‘Scan’ on the blue button and the antivirus runs a quick scan on your computer. The scan option under menus reveals more scanning option, including a full scan that checks all files and programs for viruses and PUPs.

Besides scanning, the user interface allows you to change settings at will. You could switch real-time protection on and off, shut off certain tracking features and create a scanning schedule. There’s also a history category where you can view the last time you made scans among other things.

Technical Support

Unlike some programs, there is no time Reason antivirus has been recorded of being unavailable. Since its launch more than five years ago, it has been offering real-time protection every year. The company takes pride in that fact and confirms that it’s always monitoring and updating its engine to offer reliable services.

Tech-savvy Reason antivirus users that notice any defects on the program are also allowed to make contributions to the company. This is one way that enables developers to identify flaws in their programs and make improvements quickly.

To reach out to Reason’s support team, you only have one option: send a ticket system email. The company divides support issues based on whether you want ‘Support Request’ or you’re emailing for ‘Threat Research.’ The second option affirms the company’s determination to make its services better.

While most antivirus companies accept emails concerning improving their services, they rarely make their communication channels accessible. Reason is conveniently accessible. Online reviews also show the company’s agents make an effort to reply to complaints or requests.

Online Reputation

If you’re like most people, you steer clear of online products and services with a bad reputation. Reason security solution generates mixed reviews from critics and customers who’ve used its services. On the one hand, the antivirus has a great reputation for protecting users against ransomware, web tracking and other spyware-related viruses.

On the other, Reason has often attracted sharp criticism for not cooperating with third-party testing labs. Reason isn’t the only antivirus that doesn’t actively allow labs to test its performance, but it shows a lack of confidence from the developer. Again, independent lab tests haven’t been favorable to Reason very much, often giving it low marks for speed of scanning and detecting advanced viruses.

Final Verdict

Reason antivirus is not the best security software out there but it’s worth your attention. Its web tracking, camera, and microphone monitoring features are incredible. Its ability to hold off ransomware and its real-time protection services can come in handy to every PC owner.

Reason antivirus lags behind some well-known companies in detecting advanced virus types, but this is why it shouldn’t be your number one solution. It offers good reasons to be a backup solution though, especially if you need more protection against ransomware and spyware.

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