Moving a OneNote Notebook from SharePoint to Office 365

In this article we are going to show you how to move a OneNote Notebook from SharePoint 2010 site to Office 365 OneDrive for Business.

Now we start with the source location being a SharePoint 2010 hosted site. Here we can see a OneNote document library inside there. There are sections and the files that are part of OneNote file.

What we are going to do is just select Open Notebook option.

open notebook

It will now open in our OneNote. First of all we need to change the notebook location. Right click on the notebook name and go to Properties. Here you can see that at the moment it’s currently storing in C:\Users\win10admin. What we need to do right now is to change location.

notebook change location

To do that you need to navigate to your OneDrive for Business in Office365 and create at least one notebook in that area, so we can actually get the path name. If you need to create a new one, just click on New and then select OneNote notebook.

new notebook

Once you have a OneNote notebook in your OneDrive for Business, you need to open it on your desktop. Just click on the notebook and what you will notice in the top of the screen here in middle is Open in OneNote. Select that and it will open in OneDrive on your desktop.

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open in onenote

Now we have the notebook loaded in OneNote, so let’s check the notebook location. As you can see, the notebook is currently storing in OneDrive. Now select the Change Location button here and in a moment it will pop up the Windows Explorer that allows us to move it. But we don’t want to move it, because all we want to do is simply capture the URL with CTRL+C.

sharepoint location

After that we can move another notebook. Just click on its name and go to Properties. Now, click on the Change Location button. What we will do here is we will paste the URL that we just copied earlier. But remember that we need to get rid of the name of the one note that we copied. So, we have done that. All we need to do is select this area.

Now you can see that the notebook will start transferring up to that location and then start synchronizing.

onenote sync

To verify that just go to Properties again and you will see that it is located in OneDrive.

If we will go to the Office 365 and we refresh the page, what we should see is a new notebook. It will take a minute or two to synchronize and then you will be able to use your notebook in Office 365.

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That’s how easy it is to move a OneNote notebook from a SharePoint 2010 site up to Office 365 OneDrive for Business.

Cyril Kardashevsky

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