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Microsoft XPS Document Writer in Windows 10

Microsoft XPS Document Writer feature in Windows 10 is installed by default and allows user to print any documents and save them to XPS format. Thus, user can easily create XPS document from any application with printing feature using the virtual XPS printer.

XPS (XML Paper Specification) is an XML-based, fixed-layout graphics format implemented by Microsoft, designed to print the content, while preserving the accuracy of the documents. The XPS format is essentially an alternative (MSFT) to the popular PDF format from Adobe, and the XPS document is simpler and easier than PDF. Besides, it supports multi-thread, views, it is secure (currently does not have official script support), supports encryption and digital certificates. It is recommended to create an XPS document for files that contain graphic images or illustrations which can be displayed differently on different computers and monitors.

Windows 10 natively supports the printing and viewing of XPS files. The XPS file can be created in any program, where there is a print function. To do this, you need to send your document to print and then select Microsoft XPS Document Writer as the print device.

microsoft xps document writer

Then specify the name and location of the XPS file in which you want to save the printed document.

xps document save

The easiest way to open an XPS file is to use the XPS Viewer tool, which is already installed by default in Windows. If you double-click on the XPS file, it will automatically open it using this program, after which you will be able to view the document, create or request signatures, and send it to the physical printer.

microsoft xps document writer saved

In addition, you can use free program STDU Viewer to open xps documents, or various extensions for browsers.

Tip. Before you send or share an XPS document, you can add a digital signature. A digital signature indicates the author of the XPS document and warns everyone who views it, if the document is changed after signing. You can also specify the allowed time for viewing the document and users by applying permissions before sharing.

If you do not need a Microsoft XPS Document Writer virtual printer, you can remove it from the PowerShell command line or from the Devices and Printers section in the Control Panel (right click Microsoft XPS Document Writer printer and select Remove device).

Remove-Printer -Name "Microsoft XPS Document Writer"

microsoft xps document writer devices

To install the Microsoft XPS Document Writer Printer, tip XPS Services and XPS Viewer in Windows Features.

xps services

Then using Add a printer wizard install a new local printer with the following settings:

  • Local port: PORTPROMPT
  • Driver: Microsoft -> Microsoft XPS Document Writer v4

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