Lenovo Yoga 13 Wifi Keeps Disconnecting

Lenovo Yoga

We have been dealing with some Lenovo Yoga 13 ultrabooks recently and the wireless cards keep disconnecting and then refuse to reconnect. After reading on the Lenovo forums, this appears to be widespread on these models. Below are fixes we have compiled from different people that will fix the issue. We now have the Yoga 13 working properly.

#1 – Disable Realtek RTL8723A Wireless Suspend

Step 1

Bring up the device manager by searching “device manager” from the charms menu under settings.

Step 2

Click on network adapters in the device manager.

Step 3

Right click on “Realtek RTL8723A wireless …” under network adapters. Click on properties.


Step 4

In the properties box click on the advanced pane.

Step 5

Inside the advanced pane set the following values to these parameters:
Selective Suspend: Disabled

#2 – Change Suspend Timeout

Selective suspend timeout: 60
WiFi config: WiFi
Click OK to save settings.

#3 – Disable Power Saving on Nic

Step 1

Right click on the network adapter, go to properties.

Step 2

Click on Configure.

Step 3

Go to the Power Management tab and uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.”


#4 – Turn off password protected sharing

Step 1

Go to Network and Sharing Center and click on “Change Advanced sharing settings.”


Step 2

Under “All Networks” select “Turn off password protected sharing.”



To see more solutions and ideas, please check out the forum thread on the Yoga 13 Wifi Issues where a lot of these came from. Or if you have additional fixes, please post them below in the comments. Thank you!

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  1. I bought my Yoga 13 recently, and after a few days usage the wlan dropped and also my bluetooth mouse started acting weird. I followed the steps above (which are in a very good level of detail by the way), but unfortunately they didn’t solve the problem. I continued with a couple of additional steps which solved my problem for the time being:

    #5 – Update the wlan and bluetooth driver
    Get driver from lenovo website.
    After that I needed to repeat the step #2 above for Wifi config.

    #6 – Get rid of mouse pointer flicker
    Disable the “RunSwUDB” service: Charms, Search for “local services” in Settings, right-mouse on RunSwUSB and select Properties, Stop and set its Startup Type to Disabled

    1. Started a new job this week – it’s April 2020 and I’ve had to dig out my old Lenovo to work from home as my new company can’t get laptops out to people quickly enough. I’d dumped it in a corner as it always had problems holding the WiFi connection and was going to trade it in for a new laptop, but never got round to it. Thanks to you Juhu, I’ve managed to get it working well and I now don’t have to sit right on top of the router – your advice works 7 years on….! Very grateful to all of these people on IT forums who share their info.
      From a non- techie.

  2. Thanks!
    this was an enigma for me and this is the best answers so far before buying a whole new adaptor

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