KMPlayer – Remove All Borders

I have been using KMPlayer for a long time, along with CoreAVC codec pack for amazing H.264 playback. I just recently decided that I was getting tired of the borders on my player, so I figured out how to remove them. Here are the steps.

Tired of the borders on your player? Remove them!

Download KMPlayer

Step 1

Launch KMPlayer, right click on it, go to Options > Preferences.

KMPlayer Preferences

Step 2

Go to General > Skins and then move the thickness border all the way to the left.

KMPlayer border thickness

Step 3

Right click, go to Skins > Control: Default (AutoHide).

KMPlayer Skins

Step 4

Right click, go to Options > Preferences > General > Screen and then check both of the boxes under Aspect Ratio.

KMPlayer Aspect Ratio

Step 5

Your borders should now be gone! 🙂 Example of what it looks like below.

KMPlayer no borders

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  • sxewhodey

    I reinstalled KMPlayer and things seem to be better now. Originally I installed from softchoice and stripped all the extra crap they add to it, so it kep nagging me that I should install directly from the source i dl’ed it from. I went by this tutorial as well and it looks great!!. The codec you mentioned, is it free?

  • The best place to download KMPlayer is from here: (I will add the download link to the article above) It is the version without the extra crap. I have a half written post already about using the CoreAVC codec along with KMPlayer. Should be posted soon 🙂 so check back for that. It isn’t free, but pretty cheap and is simply amazing. ( My tutorial coming out will show how to integrate it with KMPlayer.

  • Hector Castro

    I have trouble with KMP Player. I have found that the KMP exptension is not compatible with a lot of software. Am I wrong. Can you help, please?
    Hector Castro

    • What are you having problems with? Are you talking about different kinds of video files?

  • GordoJones88

    Thank you Brian and Google. Much better.
    One addition is:
    Screen Controls -> On Top -> While Playing