KMPlayer Audio Sync Issues on AVI Files

I updated my KMPlayer recently to version and noticed the audio would immediately go out of sync when playing .AVI files. Follow the instructions below to fix.


Step 1

Launch KMPlayer and go to preferences. F2 or Right Click > Options > Preferences.


Step 2

Then select “Source Filter.”

Step 3

Then change Normal AVI: and Damaged AVI: to say System Default.


Hit close and you should be good to go!

I know this hasn’t worked for everyone. If it doesn’t work, I would simply recommend going back to a more stable version until they get the kinks worked out. Version is very stable and doesn’t have any syncing issues with the audio. You can download the older versions here.

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  • Beau Cantrelle

    Thank you so much. Worked for me.

  • Ro

    It worked for me too! Very god man!

  • vectorialpx

    Nice. I think it worked fine.

  • Satish Raju

    If the Source Filter option does not work, you can still use Audio Resync in KMPlayer.

    This option can get rid off you lip sink issue.

    • Actually the audio resync feature wasn’t working for me. It would resync audio back up and then 5 minutes later, it would go out of sync again.

  • Phoenix

    I don’t know about the others but it worked like a charm for me:)

  • dude

    my problem is with mp4 file…the audio and video not sync

    • I have seen some mp4 files that were ripped completely wrong and have really bad syncing issues.

  • erfan zare

    change your power settings to balance or performance mode.

    • We were running on a desktop when this happened. So everything for us was already defaulted to performance mode. However, I could see how this could fix the issue if you were running on a laptop. Thanks Erfan!

  • clearchrome

    Im playing a AVI movie, works great until I forward in time …the audio cuts out …no more sound!

    • Gustavo

      Same problem here.

      • Krendall

        It happens to me, too, but it’s really random. Some files I can seek just fine and others the sound cuts out. What’s worked so far is I take the problem files and “direct stream” encode them to MP4 and the new file works just fine.

  • Lucas Soares

    it worked over here. this article was very helpful! thank you!!

  • MaLa

    got this issue with and this did not help 🙁