Install WAIK RTM for Windows 7

These are basic instructions for installing the Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows 7.

Installing the Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) (Windows 7)

Step 1

Download the WAIK RTM client (KB3AIK_EN.iso) for Windows 7.

WAIK RTM Install

Step 2

Either mount the ISO with Pismo Mount or extract it with 7-zip.

Step 3

Browse to your mounted/extracted folder. For Windows 7 64bit, run the wAIKAMD64.msi. For Windows 7 32bit, run the wAIKX86.msi.

Waik Install

Step 4

Click next.

Waik Install "Next"

Step 5

Select “I Agree” and click Next.

Waik Install "I Agree"

Step 6

Leave the default folder install location, make sure “Everyone” is selected, and click Next, and Next again on the next window.

Waik "Select Installation Folder"

Step 7

Now you should read my tutorial on installing the WAIK Supplement for SP1.

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