How to Install Linux Mint from USB?

Among the many GNU/Linux distributions that are actively supported by its developers, Linux Mint is one of the favorite among many users. It was based on Ubuntu, and despite the fact that Linux Mint fell several positions in the ranking of Distrowatch over the past few years, it is still one of the three most popular.

This phenomenon can be explained by the following:

  • There are standard 3 desktop environments here, but each of them is really convenient and functional;
  • There are official 32-bit assemblies (including the assembly with LMDE);
  • Max-simplified user interaction.

This article will show you how to install Linux Mint 19.3 on PC from USB Flash.

Step 1. System Preparation

Before installing, you need to perform a couple of important tasks with the computer:

  1. Make sure your hardware meets the minimum requirements for Mint;
  2. If you want to install Mint near Windows, then create a new partition of the required size from the desired disk using Disk Management (shortcut Win + X to open it).
    install linux mint from usb
    install mint from usb
    For installation on a disk without any existing system on it, additional steps are not necessary.

Step 2. Download and Verify the Image

To download the distribution, go to the official website in the Download section. Here select version with the desired desktop environment.

install linux mint via usb

Next, select the source to download. You can choose either a separate server in a specific country or torrent (loads faster).

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install linux mint with usb

After downloading, verify the image using the instructions on the website.

etcher linux mint

Step 3. Burning Arch to USB-Flash

The file with the system takes ~2GB, so consider this fact when choosing a flash drive. We recommend using 4GB or 8GB stick.

There are many programs for recording images in Windows and GNU. Especially popular was the simple and functional Etcher. Its interface is the same in all systems.

  1. Download and install Etcher from the official website.
    install linux mint 19 from usb
    If you wish, you can use a version that runs without installation;
  2. Follow the simple instructions provided by the program to record the image.

Step 4. Booting With USB-Flash

When the system boots up to the POST stage, press one of the function keys (usually it is F11 or F12; there should be information on this on the screen; if not then refer to the motherboard’s documentation) and select the section with the flash drive on which our distribution is recorded.

When a start screen appears with a system logo, just press Enter to select the first line.

install linux mint from usb flash drive

Step 5. Configuring the Installation

Important notice: installation is in UEFI mode!

The Live USB version of the distribution will load. On the desktop, run Install Linux Mint.

install mint from usb drive

In the new window, select the installation language and click Continue.

install linux mint with usb drive

Next, select the default keyboard layout. It will be used during and after the installation. Then, if necessary, you can add other layouts.

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install linux mint from usb flash

Then specify whether to install drivers for graphics, Wi-Fi and other specific devices.

installation linux mint from usb

Please note: usually Linux Mint at this stage will detect the Wi-Fi network itself (if you have such Internet access) and offer to connect to the network. With some adapters this may not happen, so in this case it is better to use a wired connection. If you use LAN initially, then network connection will be guaranteed. All this is necessary to reduce the time for system updates after installation.

Step 5. Choose the Installation Type

At this point, you must select installation type on disk. To entrust the system with the partitioning of the disk (effective if there is nothing on it), select the “Erase disk and install Linux Mint” and press “Install Now” options. Optionally, choose Encryption and LVM if you need it. This is the recommended installation method.

installation linux mint from usb drive

In confirmation of the selection, a window with the final information on the partitioning of the disk will appear. If this suits you, click “Continue”.

how to install linux mint from usb stick

You can also perform the disk partitioning manually by selecting “Something else” and press “Continue”. Do this if you have at least a theoretical background.

Please note: if there is already another system on the disk, then among the items in the above section there will be others (related to the possible placement of Mint around with this system).

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Step 6. Add User Data

Installation is already in progress, and at this step you need to add information about the user, starting with the choice of the region where you live (this is necessary for the correct synchronization of time and its displaying format).

install mint from usb stick

In the next window, enter the personal information and specify a password for it. This is necessary to protect the system data from accidental or intentional changes. Specify the method of logging into the system and, if desired, encrypt your home directory (if you know what it is and why you should do it).

install linux mint from usb stick

Wait for the process to complete.

linux mint download usb install

After that, choose “Restart Now” and pull out the flash drive from the PC.

using etcher linux mint

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