Install Canon ScanGear Tool

Canon ScanGear is the official software from Canon, which is used for network scanning of documents and used by most scanners (including the CanoScan MF series, CanoScan N, CanoScan LiDE, etc.). With this program, you can configure various scan settings (size, color settings, quality, DPI resolution and other). Canon ScanGear can be used in all versions, from Windows XP to Windows 10, Windows Server platforms are also supported. ScanGear is installed with the TWAIN-compatible driver and can be used by all programs that are compatible with the TWAIN interface.

This is a short guide to setting up the Canon ScanGear Tool to enable the Canon copiers to be able to scan directly from the copy machine to the computer.

Canon ScanGear Tool

Step 1: Download ScanGear

First, you will need to download the ScanGear Tool from Canon’s website. At the moment, ScanGear Version 2.71 is available on the site, which works with the majority of Canon copiers.

Canon ScanGear is available in versions for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems. Download the version of ScanGear for your OS (this is important). Be sure to pay attention to this when downloading, because the versions are not backward-compatible.

Download Color Network ScanGear V2.71 for Windows x64

Download Color Network ScanGear V2.71 for Windows x86

This TWAIN scan driver is a 32bit driver which can be used only with 32bit-compatible applications running on 64bit OS.

Step 2: Unpack files

Run the EXE you just downloaded. By default, the EXE unpacks the contents of the EXE to your TEMP folder.

TEMP FOLDER LOCATION on Windows XP / Windows Server 2003

C:Documents and SettingsNameofUserLocal SettingsTemp

TEMP FOLDER LOCATION on Windows 7 and Windows 10


Step 3: Install ScanGear Tool

Before starting the installation, it’s desirable to connect the scanner to the COM port or USB (depends on model).

Launch the setup file located within the TEMP folder and go through the prompts to install the ScanGear Tool.

Step 4

Once installed, you will need to launch the ScanGear Tool and input the IP address of the copier. Make sure it connects successfully by clicking the “Test Connection” button.
Canon ScanGear Tool

Step 5

Now you can Scan with the copier. For this example, we are going to be using the “Microsoft Office Document Scanning” tool provided within Microsoft Office 2003-2010.

LOCATION OF MODS in XP, Windows 7 & Windows 10

Start Menu > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools

download scangear MF

Step 6

Now walk over to your Canon copier. Press the big SCAN button to switch the copier into SCAN mode.

Step 7

Select the “Online” option to force the SCAN mode on. (It will start searching for the ScanGear client on your computer)

Step 8

Place the document you are wanting to scan into the feeder tray on top of the Canon Copier. (It will not start scanning until feeder tray has paper in it)

Step 9

On your computer, select Scan (black and white or color) and then the computer will begin scanning your documents.
Scangear Tool

Scangear Tool and possible Windows 10 issues

In case you are facing with ScanGear tool issues after updating to Windows 10 and unable to scan using your Canon device, most likely, its drivers might be incompatible with your current OS version. To solve the problem, follow the instructions below:

Solution 1: Install the driver in compatibility mode

These instructions will run the program in compatibility mode (it uses settings from your previous version of the Windows operating system).

Follow the instructions:

  • Right click on the driver setup file and choose Properties.
  • Choose Compatibility section.
  • Check on Run this program in Compatibility mode and after that choose the previous version of the Windows OS in the list.
  • Let the installation process finish and check if these instructions helped you.

In case this didn’t help you, try to follow these steps:

Solution 2: Use the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter

Hardware and Devices troubleshooter tool will check your PC for common problems and make sure that any new device or hardware connected to your computer is installed correctly.

  1. Press Win + X and choose Control Panel.
  2. Choose Troubleshooting.
  3. Choose View All.
  4. Choose Hardware and Devices.
  5. Follow the instructions.

Solution 3. Reinstall the scan driver and ScanGear tool

If after you upgrade to Windows 10 when you try to connect to the scanner you receive an error message:

Cannot communicate with the scanner. The cable may be disconnected, or the scanner may be turned off. Scanner driver will be terminated.

scangear MF

This problem can be associated with the old version of the driver and with the fact that the Windows 10 WIA service does not have time to connect to the scanner driver.

Try to perform the following solution:

  1. Uninstall the old version of Canon Scanner driver;
  2. Uninstall ScanGear Tool (if the uninstaller hung, try to delete it in Windows Safe Mode);
  3. Find and download the latest version of Twain driver for your device from Canon website;
  4. Install MF toolbox and ScanGear 2.71;
  5. Run services.msc console and find Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service;
  6. Check what Startup type is set to Automatic;
    how to download scangear tool
  7. Switch on the Log on Tab;
  8. Select service to run under Local System account and check the option Allow service to interact with desktop
  9. Go to the Recovery tab and in the First failure action select Restart the Service;
  10. Save the changes by pressing OK;
  11. Try to scan your document on the scanner.
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