How to Uninstall Windows 8 Apps

Windows 8 has been quite popular among laptop, tablet and smartphone users. It has a new interface called the Windows Start Screen. This is the first screen you notice when you log in to Windows 8.

Laptop, tablet and smartphone users need to use this interface to search for files, launch applications and browse the Internet. The Windows Start Screen also contains tiles, which represent a lot of different programs. You can launch these programs by clicking on their tiles.

Uninstall Windows 8 Apps

One of the key features of the new interface is that these tiles are able to give you real time information directly on the Windows Start Screen. Due to this, you’re able to use the Windows Start Screen for both starting an application and accessing other data including email information, weather, RSS feed articles and so on. Before you access the new Windows Store, you need to understand the Windows Start Screen interface.

New Windows Store

When Microsoft released the new Windows 8 operating system, it also introduced an upgraded Windows Store. This new store allows you to easily purchase and download applications that are specifically designed to operate in the Windows Start Screen. The interface is quite similar to the iTunes Store.

You can easily log in to the new Windows Store and download applications and trials to run on your computer. In case you want to buy an application, it will be automatically downloaded and even installed on your computer. Moreover, you will be able to use this application on 4 different Windows 8 computers.

In case you’re not used to Windows 8, you may consider some things confusing and time consuming. In fact, the lack of some traditional buttons doesn’t make things easier.

For instance, when you’re using the Metro interface, i.e, the new Windows Start Screen with all the new tiles, you must be able to see some installed applications.

Most people are confused when it comes to removing an application. For most people, the steps aren’t immediately obvious. When you pull up the Windows Charms Bar, and click on Settings, you won’t find any help. Similarly, when you click the Change PC Settings tab, you won’t find any uninstaller there.

Some people think they can find help in the Control Panel. However, this isn’t the case. When you open the Control Panel, you won’t find your applications listed there.

Microsoft Windows 8 doesn’t consider them like traditional programs. Due to this, it can be difficult to find a way to uninstall your apps. Here are some easy steps to help you install Windows 8 apps without any hassles.

How to Uninstall Windows 8 Apps

Earlier, when users wanted to install an application in Microsoft Windows, they needed to use the “Uninstall a Program” feature from the Control Panel.

In case you want to uninstall these applications, it’s necessary to use a specific set of procedures. You can use the following instructions to uninstall a Metro App from Microsoft Windows 8.

When you open the Metro Start Screen, you need to scroll through all the applications. You need to find the app you want to uninstall from your computer. Once you get to see this application, you need to right-click. This will allow you to see a new dialog.

On right-clicking the particular application, you can see all the options necessary to uninstall the app. In some cases, options are specific to particular apps. For most apps, you can see two options on the screen – Unpin and Uninstall the App.

With the Unpin option, you can make sure the undesired app is not visible in the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen anymore. With the Uninstall the App options, you can simply uninstall the application from your computer.

Once you do this, you will be asked for confirmation about uninstalling the application. You need to confirm before the app gets uninstalled.

In order to continue uninstalling the application, just click the “confirm” button, and the application will no longer be available on your computer. If you want to install this application again, you will have to download it from the Microsoft Windows Store.

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