How to Uninstall IE10 and Go Back to IE9

As Internet Explorer 10 rolls out this week via Windows Updates, some users are finding things that aren’t compatible yet with IE10. If you are needing to uninstall IE10 follow the instructions below.

Uninstall IE10 Instructions

Step 1

Click on your start menu and go to “Control Panel.”


Step 2

Click on “View Installed Updates.”


Step 3

Scroll down to the bottom and highlight “Windows Internet Explorer 10.”


Step 4

At the top, click on “Uninstall.”


It will take a few minutes to go through the uninstall…


Step 5

Click on “Restart Now.”


Step 6

IE9 will already be on your system when it starts back up. However the pinned icon will be missing. So you will need to click on the Start Menu and click on “All Programs.”


Step 7

And then on Internet Explorer, right click and select “Pin to Taskbar.”


IE Download

You can download IE10 here:

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