How to Turn Off Low Data Mode?

Low Data mode is a dedicated mode for cellular connectivity on iPhones and iPads (only on Wi-Fi + Cellular models) that helps you save some traffic by cutting off unnecessary things. Modern smartphones and tablets constantly reach different servers to get relevant data in the background, slowly chewing up your precious megabytes of data. Because not all people can access unlimited cellular data, Low Data mode often comes in handy.

Before you enable Low Data mode on iPhone, you need to be aware of some limitations. When you turn on Low Data mode, iPhone (or iPad) reduces background tasks and apps refreshes. Also, it stops automatic updates downloads, Photo sync, Mail sync, etc. If you have noticed that some of the features on your iPhone misbehave, for example, you cannot update AirPods firmware or sync photos in iCloud, disabling Low Data mode may be the first option you should try. Here is how to how to turn off Low Data mode on iPhone and iPad.

How Do I Turn Off Low Data Mode on iPhone or iPad?

You can quickly disable Low Data mode on your iOS or iPadOS device by asking Siri to do so. Because Siri is not the best at managing device settings, you may want to do the job manually.

  1. Go to Settings and find the Mobile Data section;
  2. Tap Mobile Data Options. If you are using an iPhone 12 or iPad Pro 2021 with a 5G network, you need to make an additional step, and after tapping Mobile Data Options, select Data Mode;
  3. Turn off the Low Data Mode toggle.

Alternatively, you can use search in iPhone Settings. Pull down the list of settings to reveal the search bar and type Low Data. Tap the Low Data Mode entry and disable the Low Data Mode toggle. The same methods work on iPadOS as well.

Disabling Low Data mode on iPhone or iPad for Wi-Fi

Did you know that Low Data mode on iPhone or iPad also applies to Wi-Fi? Low Data mode for Wi-Fi on iPhone will be useful in case you connect to a Wi-Fi with a data cap, or you are using another phone as a hotspot.

  1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi;
  2. Select a network you need and tap the i button;
  3. Turn of the Low Data Mode toggle.

And that was it. That is how you disable Low Data Mode on iPhone for both cellular and Wi-Fi connections.

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