How to Remap Keyboard on Windows 10?

Standard key bindings in Windows 10 work for most people just well. We are all used to the letter keys, numbers row, F1-F12 button, additional function keys, and number pad. For some users, that may not be the case. Many people think about reassigning keys in Windows 10 to enhance productivity, perform some tasks faster, or deal with a broken or poor keyboard with an inconvenient layout. Nowadays, it is extremely easy to remap keys in Windows 10. You do not need complicated or pricy software, hacks, or registry tweaks. Although the OS has no built-in remapping tool, the company offers an extremely powerful application that includes the ability to remap keyboard on Windows 10.

How to Reassign Keyboard Keys on Windows 10?

To reassign keys and shortcuts in Windows 10, you need a free app called “PowerToys.” It is available for free from the official GitHub repository. It is important to note that PowerToys is an official app from Microsoft, so no need to worry about security.

Microsoft uses PowerToys to experiment with different features that may soon become native to Windows 10. In fact, PowerToys is not a single app. It consists of several utilities for power users and regular people who want to spice up their productivity. You can use PowerToys to reassign keys in Windows 10, organize windows on your desktop, batch rename files, run application, etc. In this article, we will focus on keys remapping in Windows 10 using the PowerToys app.

  1. Download the PowerToys app from the official GitHub repository.
  2. Run the executable and follow the on-screen instruction to install the program.
  3. Open PowerToys.
  4. In the left sidebar, click Keyboard Manager. That is where you remap individual keys or shortcuts.
  5. Press the Enable Keyboard Manager and then press Remap a key. remap keyboard windows 10
  6. To reassign a key in Windows 10, press the plus button. reassign keyboard keys windows 10
  7. Click the Type button under the Key: section. You can also select it from a drop-down menu. windows 10 remap keys
  8. Now, move to the Mapped To: section. Again, click the Type button, then press the button you want to map a key to.  remapkey windows 10
  9. As an option, for example, if a key you are mapping does not work, select the key from a drop-down menu.
  10. To reassign another key in Windows 10, press the plus button again. You can remap any number of keys you want.
  11. When finished editing, hit the Ok button to save changes.

That is how you reassign keys in Windows 10.

Before we finish, it is important to note that you need to keep PowerToys running for your remaps to work. If you close PowerToys, Windows will revert to the standard layout, and you will lose your assignments. Go back to the PowerToys Settings window and switch to the General tab. Make sure you have the Run at startup toggle turned on. remap keyboard keys windows 10

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