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Android Tips: How to Recover Photos that was deleted

A lot of you, guys, have a high-quality cameras on your Android smartphones and there is no need to purchase an expensive cameras for most of us anymore. Your phone is always at your pocket, you can make a great photos that is storing on your device and that`s a good thing. But sometimes you can accidentally or intentionally delete photos from your device. In that case you might be want to restore deleted data.

Let’s take a look on what software can help you to recover lost data on Android.

Enable debugging mode on your Android

To connect your Android to PC, you need to enable USB Debugging mode. You can do that by following these easy steps:

  1. Open Settings of your Android and go to System. Here you need to go to About phone.
  2. Find Build number field. Tap it for 7-10 times (after 5 taps you will get a message that you are going to enable Developer mode).
  3. Now go back to Settings and go to Developers options. Check on USB Debugging.

usb debugging android

It’s a little bit different on some Android versions. But you can easily find out how to enable this options on your Android version here.

After connecting to PC, you need to enable USB Mass storage mode on some smartphones. You need this to identify your gadget as 2 different storage drives that can be used as flash drives.

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What is necessary to know?

You can recover your data on Android only if it wasn’t overwritten. Deleted photos is not disappearing, your OS just identify them as free space. So if you didn’t write a new data on this space, you can easily recover it. That’s why you need to stop do anything with your phone until you’ll get your photos back.

Another important thing is that you need to save recovered data on another drive – it’s important to not to use the drive they were deleted from. Place them on your PC or flash drive to make sure you won’t overwrite them.

How to recover photos on Android if you deleted them from microSD

If your data was deleted from microSD card, you can use standard tools to recover your files (here is a free one). If after connecting to PC your smartphone is recognized as 2 portable drives, you can use this tool even to recover data that was located at Android internal storage. But the problem is that most of Android phones won’t be recognized in that way after connecting to PC.

So, you have a microSD, where all the photos were located until you deleted them. Let’s try to recover them using a free Photorec tool.

This tool is well known among Linux users, but it also works on Windows. You can download this tool here.

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Let’s start:

  1. Connect your microSD to PC using card reader.
  2. Unpack TestDisk archive and run qphotorec_win.exe.
  3. Choose your microSD in the list of devices. Look for it in the Drive list.
  4. You don’t need to change file system, just check on Whole in scan type. It will take some time to analyze and recover, but this will help you to get all your data back.

qp photorec recover media

If you want to recover only photos, you need to click on File Formats and choose the extensions you want to recover. Usually you have a JPG extension on Android photos.

qp photorec file format

Now go back to main Photorec window and click on Browse. Create a folder on your PC, where all the data will be recovered. Run the scanning process by clicking on Search button.

qp photorec search

After scanning process will be finished, go to the folder you have created. You will find a lot of files there (even those you have already forgotten about) and your photos will be there too. They will have a different names, but they are able to be opened.

Recover data from your Android internal storage

If deleted data was located at your Android internal storage, you can use a free trial 7-Data Android Recovery tool to recover it.

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Here is how you can do that:

  1. At first, enable USB debugging mode on your Android and connect it to your PC.
  2. Run 7-Data Android Recovery and click on Next.
  3. You will see a list – internal Android storage and microSD card. Choose a storage place where all the data were located and click on Next.

After that, the scanning process of chosen device will be launched. After analyzing process you can use preview option and choose what photos will be recovered on your PC.

7 data android recovery

You can use other tools like EASEUS Mobisaver for Android, Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android or GT Recovery. But they have a serious disadvantages – they are not free or you need to have root-rights to use them.

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