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How to Migrate from Windows to Linux Mint

If you are planning to migrate from Windows to Linux Mint, but you don’t know how to keep your programs, which are fully compatible with Windows, in this tutorial we will show you how to do this.

To keep all your programs and data from Windows 10 we need to create a virtual machine of your current PC. So, the first step is to create a full Windows Backup. Second, we need to turn Windows PC into a virtual machine. For that we are going to use Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15. This program is not free, so if you have another one, you can use it.

So, open up your program (in our case it’s Paragon Hard Disk Manager) and click on P2V Copy. It will copy your PC to virtual machine.

p2v copy paragon

Now you need to select which hard drive you want to copy to the virtual machine. Just select the Windows hard drive that contains all your programs and data. You can also include the other drives if you want. Once it is done, click on Next.

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Now, you need to select a virtual software vendor. We are going to use Oracle VirtualBox.

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virtualization vendor

In the following window you have to specify the name and the memory amount of the virtual machine. Once it is done, go ahead and click on Next.

Now we are going to add the controller, because we don’t want to use IDE. You can click on Next if you want, but we are going to use Serial ATA.

controller sata

After that you need to specify the path to the virtual machine folder. We recommend you to store the virtual machine on a USB drive. Also, you can save it to the folder on the drive, which is not going to be formatted. Click on Next to start creating a virtual machine of your Windows system that includes your data and programs.

Once it is done click on Finish to exit the wizard.

Now we need to install Linux Mint. So go to the Menu -> Software manager. Here search for VirtualBox and then click on virtualbox-nonfree. In the following window you will see the icon that says Install. Click on it and the installation process will begin.

virtualbox nonfree

After that go to the menu and then search for VirtualBox. From here you can add a link to the desktop or you can run it from here.

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Right now we need to create a new virtual machine. Click on New and name your operation system, in our case it is Windows 7 x64. Click on Next and in the following window specify the amount of memory (RAM). We are going to use 2 Gb of memory and go ahead.

create virtual machine

Now we are going to select Use an existing virtual disk file. Click on the little folder icon to browse and then choose the virtual machine we have created earlier.

Click on Create, but after that don’t start it immediately. We are going to click on Settings and here go to Storage. Make sure that the attributes name is Serial ATA, because we changed it.

storage sata migrate from Windows

Now, go to Display and add more video memory. But it’s optional, so you can skip it. Click on OK, and then run your virtual machine.

As you can see, your old Windows operation system is booting up inside VirtualBox. Enter the password if you had any. Now, you can use your system and all the programs that you need.

If you don’t need to work with Windows at the moment, you can turn it off as if you would on a real PC and keep working on your main OS (Linux). That’s pretty much all. If you have any questions on how to migrate from Windows to Linux, feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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