How to Login with a Local Account instead of Domain Account

  • C walder (Stickman873)

    OK but how do I know what password to use? Do I use the same password as the one I use IN the domain?

    • Ralf Ter Heide

      No, if the account has a password it will be the password of the local account, it’s not the same as the password of your domain account, unless this has been configured this way.

      • Lanny Williams

        I’m having the same problem. I’ve used the.admin trick…and it worked. Now I need a trick to either figure out the password, or bypass it. My laptop screen is busted, so i have to use the HDMI port to a flatscreen tv. I can’t see the bios on bootup, because the port only activates at the gui.

  • tlotman

    On my Mac, I have to connect to a PC using this format: password@ComputernamePC as the username. I tell it to remember this in my keychain but it does not remember the username. Is there a way to create a shortcut with the information embedded?

  • vladi vrbaci

    you should check out the tools of comtarsia!!
    you can logon via comtarisa proxy server to the AD domain by ldap, the logon client make a local logon with local user (managed automatically) and you can synchronize stanalone server or another domain…