How to Fix Wii Error Code 51330?

Although Nintendo no longer supports the Wii console, many people keep this console and enjoy the games available on it. Like with any other aging hardware, Nintendo Wii is prone to error and weird bugs. One of such errors you may encounter is the error 51330 or 51332 with the following message: “Unable to connect to the Internet. Confirm the Internet settings of the Wii console. Error Code: 51330.” In this article, we will show you possible ways to fix error 51330 and 51332 on Nintendo Wii.

According to the official documentation from Nintendo, Wii error code 51330 and 51332 happens due to misconfiguration of your Wi-Fi router. Wii cannot establish a proper connection with a router and thus cannot access the Internet.

There could be multiple reasons why Wii cannot connect to the Internet. Usually, it happens because you have changed your Wi-Fi password or entered it incorrectly. Switching a router from WEP to WPA encryption without properly configuring both devices may also break the connection.

Another potential cause for the problem would be the firewall settings or MAC filter settings of your router. You need to check those settings to make sure it is not the router that causes Internet problems on Nintendo Wii and error 51330 or 51332.

wii error code 51330
Wii Error Code 51330

How Do You Fix Wii Error Code 51330 and 51332?

Since there are different reasons why Wii Error Code 51330 happens, there are several solutions you can try to fix the problem. We recommend going from top to bottom and trying every option to find the one that works for you.

  1. As usual, any troubleshooting begins with restarting all your devices, no matter how cliche it sounds. Turn off both Wii and your router and unplug the latter from the Internet. Leave them disconnected and turned off for several minutes. Next, plug the Internet cable into the router, turn it on and give it some time to reboot. Then, turn on Nintendo Wii and check whether error code 51330 or 51332 appears on the screen. You will be surprised how often a simple restart fixes different sorts of problems in many devices.
  2. If you happened to change security or encryption-related settings in your router (changing WEP to WPA or WPA2) make sure to check Wii’s online options. The encryption type in Wii should match that in a router.
  3. Another reason you might be getting error code 51330 or 51332 is you are entering the wrong Wi-Fi password. Double-check everything and make sure you are entering the correct password.
  4. Check your router for MAC filtering. If that feature is enabled, put your computer’s MAC address in the ‘allowed’ list. Another thing you could do is simply disable MAC filtering altogether, if possible.
  5. Go to Wii settings and try to set the IP address and DNS manually. In some cases, automatic IP and DNS assignment does not work properly, causing error code 51330.
  6. If manual configuration does not work, on your computer, open the Command prompt by going to Start > All programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. There, run the following command:

Then, unplug your router and restart it to see if the problem is solved.

  • Wii Error Code 51330 can sometimes happen because the firewall is blocking your internet connection. Go to your firewall program and disable it. Check whether your Wii can access the Internet. Remember to turn the firewall back on.
  • Set a default IP address (this will work if your IP address was changed by your internet service provider).
  • Go to your router’s settings and try changing its broadcast channel to either 1 or 11.
  • Check the wireless standard mode. Again, Nintendo Wii is an old console that does not support the latest and greatest Wi-Fi standards. There is no Wi-Fi 6 or even Wi-Fi 5 support. That means your router should be running in a mixed mode with 802.11g and 802.11b formats.
  • Another thing you should do is update the firmware on your wireless router to the most recent version available.

Have any of these tips helped you fix Wii Error Code 51330? Share your experience in the comments, as well as other solution you have had success with!

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