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How to Fix The Error Code 0xc00000e9

Despite its weird, nondescript name, Windows Error Code 0xc00000e9 is one of the most common errors Windows users experience.

It leads to a blank screen when you try to boot your operating system and doesn’t allow it to initiate. There is also a scenario of this error which will not allow you to boot Windows in Normal Mode, but will work in Safe Mode.

Basically, we’re talking about an Input/output (I/O) error.

It is caused by different PC components not being able to properly connect to your computer. There could be other reasons for the Error 0xc00000e9, like misconfigured BIOS/CMOS settings, malfunctioning hardware, or corrupt system files. One way to fix the issue is by reinstalling Windows from a CD.

See below for a more detailed description of the error and what causes it, as well as different ways to fix it.

What Causes Windows Error Code 0xc00000e9?

One reason for this error could be viruses. If such a malicious piece of software has infected your PC, it could be corrupting your Registry Files or data which is related to the system’s Start process.

Even though you may be using an antivirus, but keep in mind that no defense is 100% foolproof.

An issue with your hard drive might be another reason for this malfunction. This is because the life span
of a hard drive is limited, and it depends on its quality, use, and maintenance.

So if your system is starting to cause you problems and you’re traced to source of the problem to your hard drive, perhaps it’s time to get a new one!

This problem could also occur if your computer has been abruptly shut down while downloading some important updates, which can cause the loss or corruption of data and lead to the Error code 0xc00000e9 appearing.

Constantly installing and uninstalling various programs, tools, and updates could also be a factor. When you uninstall a program or an update, for instance, you might also be removing a file that is necessary for your system to run – which could lead to problems like the ones we’re describing here.

Also, some errors could arise if a program or an update isn’t compatible with your operating system. A good piece of general advice is to always be careful what you’re installing, as well as removing from your computer!

Error Code 0xc00000e9

How to fix Error code 0xc00000e9?

Now that you know some of the reasons behind this error, you can proceed to the actual troubleshooting part. Since there’s no one single method to try, here are some of the most common fixes:

Rescue Boot Disc:

The first thing you’ll need is an antivirus program (we recommend you to use Symantec antivirus software). Perform a scan of your system to find any viruses that have crept in and then remove them. You could even try using more than one antivirus, for optimal results.

The steps here are as follows:

– Download a good antivirus program
– Update the Virus Definitions for the program
– Set in the Bootable Rescue Tool on a removable drive
– Restart your computer and boot using the Bootable Rescue Tool
– Scan PC with the antivirus and then remove all detected threats

Check Hard Drive Issues

Another fix you can try relates to the proper functioning of your hard drive.

– Boot your system through Safe Mode
– Open your computer directory and then right-click on Drive and select Properties
– Go to the Tool tab under properties and click Check Box under Error-Checking
– Next click both Check Boxes: Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors
– Finally, hit the Start button

Fix Malfunctioning Programs

If you think one of those malfunctioning programs we’ve mentioned earlier is to blame for your issues, you’ll have to do the following:

– When booting your PC, press F8 to Open Advance Boot Manager
– Select Safe Mode as Boot Option
– Head over to the Control Panel and click Uninstall Programs
– Remove the latest installed application, the latest before the error occured (or whatever software you suspect is causing the error)

System Restore

If all else fails, you can always go through a System Restore. You’ll first have to find a restore point when your computer was working fine, then you must:

– Go to Advanced Recovery Options while booting from the Windows Installation Disc
– Select System Restore
– A list of Restore Points will appear. Choose the point from which you want to continue, making sure it is from before the error occured

Fix Your Computer

If you’ve deleted the infected files from your system and repaired registry records, you must now recover your system’s damaged files. For this, you’ll have to:

– Go to Advanced Recovery Option by restarting your computer and inserting the Windows Installation Disc
– Select Startup Repair
– After this is over, wait for the tool to automatically scan the system file and repair them

Re-Install Windows:

Finally, if nothing else works, there’s always the option of re-installing your operating system altogether. This, of course, permanently removes all data and settings and will most likely fix the Error Code 0xc00000e9.

Here’s how you do it:

– Go to Advanced Recovery Options, while booting from your Windows Installation Disc
– Select Re-Install Windows
– Confirm Input Language on next screen
– Wait for your system to copy Windows Files and to extract them
– Type Username, Your Computer Name and then hit Next
– Select Windows Update settings, and then enter Time Zone and Set Time
– Choose your computer’s current location on network – and you’re done!

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