B-tree Structure is Invalid Solutions

Why the “B-tree Structure is Invalid” error appears? Usually this happens because of the mail file replica you are working with. It could be corrupted.

These are the solutions we found:

Solution #1

If you would know that view index is the culprit, you could run updall from the
server console against that exact view:

LOAD UPDALL database.nsf -R -T [view-name]

If you don’t have any ideas what view it is, then you could leave off the -T [view-name] part of it
and all view indexes will be recreated now.

B-tree Structure is Invalid

Solution #2

You should upgrade the Domino Server to the last release which is 5.0.6 or 6. We know that the issue is resolved on these new versions.

Solution #3

You could try Fixup and/or Compact. You should overwrite the corrupted database with it.

Solution #4

Here’s what you could try:

– Delete the database icon from the Workspace
– Close the notes client
– Delete the cahce.dsk from the user’s data directory
– Run notes again
– Open the database
– Try fixup -F dbname.nsf and l compact -c dbname.nsf

Solution #5

Go to the remote server console and you should run this command:
load updall -t “KW View” -r

Solution #6

Open the database and use the following combinations of keys: Ctrl + Shift + F9 to rebuild the views.

Solution #7

This is one of the easiest solutions that probably it came to your mind also.. but I thought it would be a good idea to mention here. You could also try to restore your database from the most recent backup that works.

These are the solutions we found so far so if you find one that works please comment below so we can add it in this post.

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