How to Activate iPhone Without Sim Card on Windows

When starting your non-activated iPhone for the first time, you will encounter the iPhone activation screen.

If you’re stuck on this screen, the only thing you can do is place emergency calls, so you’ll really want to activate your device as soon as possible.

Activate your Android without sim card

If you want to go around the activation screen, you will have to connect the phone to a computer and then activate it through the iTunes application.

This means you have to insert a SIM card into the device’s SIM card slot, if you have a GSM model. For CDMA models, on the other hand, there’s the possibility of bypassing the activation screen without a SIM card, enabling you to unlock every one of the iPhone’s features. And here are the steps to do it:

First Step

Open a browser and go to At the top of the page you’ll find the iTunes link. Click on it and download the latest version of iTunes.

Second Step

Install the program on your computer by double-click the iTunes install file and following a series of simple instructions which appear on the screen.


Third Step

Now plug the dock connector end of the iPhone USB connection cable into the dock port on the bottom of the iPhone. After doing that, plug the USB end of the USB connection cable into one of the computer’s USB ports.

Fourth Step

To launch the program, double-click the iTunes icon and the follow the instructions to activate the CDMA iPhone. After you’ve done all that, the device will bypass the activation screen.

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