geeky weather forecast

Geeky Weather Forecast

Hey guys! Take a look at this pretty geeky weather forecast service we have found! This console service is for those of you, who get tired of weather forecast services with slow performance and millions of ad banners and teasers. This service will be useful for those of you, who just want to get weather forecast and nothing else.

So, let`s visit

forecast new york

You don’t need any registration on this website, it’s absolutely free to use. It’s very simple, it has minimalistic design and that’s exactly what we need.

For example, do you want to know weather forecast for Denver? It’s very easy – just type in:

$ curl

forecast denver

Guess, what do we need to do to get weather forecast for Washington? Just type in:

$ curl

forecast washington

Hope this service will be useful for you, guys!

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