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Fixing Install Errors for iTunes on Windows 10

A lot of Apple owners are facing with the problem of installing or updating iTunes on Windows 10. This problem has a solution, and today we will talk about it.

Typically, users are facing these 3 errors when installing iTunes on Windows 10:

  • An error occurred during the installation of assembly Microsoft.vc80.crt …;
  • Apple application support was not found error 2;
  • Service “Apple Mobile Device” (Apple Mobile Device) failed to start.

itunes windows 10 error

Tip. Even if you run the iTunes installer on a behalf of the administrator, disable the firewall and antivirus software, it is possible that a successful installation still does not take place.

Fixing Errors for iTunes on Windows 10

Step 1: Download Latest iTunes for Windows

At first, try to use the latest version of the iTunes distribution.

When you download iTunes from the official Apple page (, the site itself may incorrectly determine the version of Windows by providing an incorrect installer for the download. That’s why we suggest using the next links to download iTunes for Windows 10:

  • Apple iTunes 12.7 for Windows 10 x86 – link;
  • Apple iTunes 12.7 for Windows 10 x64 – link;

These direct links lead to the official installers located on Apple servers.

itunes for windows 10

Tip. Also the versions mentioned above should solve the problem associated with the operation of the regular QuickTime video player and the compatibility of iTunes with some other Windows applications.

Step 2: Repair Apple Software Update

Open Control Panel and select Programs and Features item. In the list of the installed software find Apple Software Update, right click on it and select Repair from the context menu.

itunes for windows 10 64-bit

After repairing try to install iTunes.

Step 3: Error Microsoft.vc80.crt

In case an error occurs during installation that contains Microsoft.vc80.crt, you can try to download and install (reinstall) Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 SP1  (;

itunes for windows 10 Microsoftvc80.crt

Step 4: Check Windows Installer Service

Sometimes problems are associated with the Windows Installer service. As a result, not only iTunes cannot be installed, but also any other applications.

Open Services console (services.msc). In the list of services find Windows Installer service. Check its status; try to stop and start the service.

itunes windows 10 Windows Installer

Step 5. Manually installing Apple Software Update

If above methods didn’t help, follow these instructions:

  1. Try to uninstall Apple Software Update from Programs and Features section;
  2. Reboot your computer;
  3. Open iTunes install file (iTunes64Setup.exe) using any archiver software;
  4. Run msi and complete the installation;
  5. Now you can try to install iTunes, but you need to run the installation again (don’t use the exe file! Use iTunes64.msi, which is located in the archiver window).

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