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How to Fix Screen Resolution Issue in Windows 10

Hello guys! In this article we are going to look at how we can fix the issue when you try to change the resolution on your screen. This time we are on Windows 10 machine and if we take a look by right-clicking and then going to Display settings, we will see here that we can’t change resolution, because the area is grayed out. Now we will show you how to resolve this issue and fix it.

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At first let’s take a look at the Display adapter properties. Depending on what machine you are running, you will see the adapter type you use. It could be NVIDIA or AMD. We need to know about details, so just click on Properties. It gives you more information and you may have the device that is not working properly.

display adapters properties

In our case device is working properly, but it’s still greyed out. Let’s take a look at the Driver area. You want to make sure that you’ve got the latest drivers. If you are not, just reinstall your graphics driver here.

There are two ways you can do that. You can search driver software automatically or you can locate and install driver software manually.

Also, you can get to the graphics driver from Device Manager. Just right click on the Start menu and go to Device Manager. Expand Display adapters option and you will see the driver you are using. Double-click on it and you will see the same window you have seen earlier.

If you want to download driver software, just go to the NVIDIA or AMD website, then choose the graphic card that you use. Also, you need to choose the OS you are using. Click on Search and it will give you proper driver software.

drivers search

What we are going to do next is just remove old driver and then reboot the system. After that we will put a new driver on.

Once you’ve got to the desktop, right click on the desktop and go to Display settings. Come down to where it says Advanced display settings and you will be able to change our screen resolution. That’s just because we updated the graphic driver. That is all!

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