Fix Corrupt Windows 7/8/10 Temporary Profile

While working with Microsoft’s Windows 7/8 or Windows 10 operating systems you have noticed that sometimes when working with multiple profiles that they can get corrupted. The fact that the user profile is corrupted may indicate an error when logging on to Windows 10/7/8:

The User Profile Service service failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded.

temporary profile windows 7

Or you can receive an error that says: You are logged into a Temporary Profile / You’ve been signed in with a temporary profile.

you have been logged on with a temporary profile windows 7

How to Fix Corrupt Windows 7/8/10 Temporary Profile?

This means that anything that user would do under that profile would get wiped immediately upon logging off. This problem seems to happen more frequently when your computer is a member of Active Directory domain.

This tutorial will show you how to fix the profile error in recent Windows versions (from 7 to 10) without having to simply wipe the profile. This can come in very handy sometimes and has saved hours of backing up and transferring profile data.

The user profile in Windows can be corrupted if the system update is unsuccessful, or when installing/removing some program. In the most difficult cases you have to create a new account for yourself, configure it and copy all the files.

First of all, you should check that the system drive has at least 200 MB of free space, after that restart the computer and try to log in again (restart should also help to release the locks on your profiles).

If the issue is not fixed, try to log on with another administrative account.

If the user signed in with a temporary profile, you need a security identifier (SID) for the user account whose profile you need to recover.

Run elevated Command prompt and execute the following command:

wmic useraccount where name='root' get sid

For the current user, the SID can be obtained by the command:

whoami /user

windows 7 profile corrupt

The user’s SID looks like this: S-1-5-21-3860949763-1019259832-301073028-1001. Write down or copy it.

Now you need to make some changes to the registry ibn order to restore the corrupted profile.

Run Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and go to the section:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList.

In the left pane in the ProfileList key you will see a list of SID for all users on this computer.

There are 3 different cases:

  1. SID is specified twice with the extension .BAK and without it;
  2. SID is specified only once with the extension .BAK (for example, S-1-5-21-3860949763-1019259832-301073028-1001.bak);
  3. SID is specified only once without the .BAK extension (for example,  S-1-5-21-3860949763-1019259832-301073028-1001).

1 Case. Delete Duplicate Folder

If your SID is specified twice, and only in this case, then you need to delete the folder WITHOUT the .BAK extension. Right-click the folder in the left pane and click Delete. Click Yes to confirm.

delete bak profile from registry

1 and 2 cases: Rename the .BAK folder

Right-click the folder that corresponds to your SID with the extension .BAK, click Rename and delete .BAK from the end. Press Enter to save the changes.

sid temporary profile windows 7 fix

1, 2 and 3 cases. Configuring path and folder status

Click the left mouse button on the folder in the left panel that corresponds to your SID. In the right pane, double-click ProfileImagePath. In the Value data box, type the correct path for your user profile.

temporary profile

After that, click “OK”. Then, in the right pane of the registry, double-click State. Change the Value data to 0 and click OK.

logged on with a temporary profile windows 7

If you do not know the path to the profile, go to the C:\Users folder and copy the path to the folder with the user profile you need.

logged on with a temporary profile

Close Registry Editor, and then restart the computer. Try to log in with user account.

In case the solution above didn’t help you – simply recreate user profile:

  1. Log in with another admin account;
  2. Delete the following folder (you can also follow the steps below by simply renaming the bad profile to .bak):
  3. Delete the following folder:
  4. Browse to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
  5. Find the registry key that has the ProfileImagePath entry that matches the username of the account;
    Make a note of the GUID entry a few lines above, you will need this later. Now delete the entire registry key from the ProfileList folder;
    profile list registry missing
  6. Now in the registry, browse one folder above to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\ProfileGuid
  7. Delete the registry key (that matches the GUID you made note of in Step 5) from the folder;
  8. Restart once again and then you’re done!
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